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Plus size waist trainers

Plus size waist trainers

For 350 years, corset was adoptedby French women as a way to hide their waist thickness and to support their back and posture following the ban on “thick-waist” at court attendance imposed by the wife of King Henry II of France. Only later was it discovered that by wearing a corset for an extended period […]

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Five Wonderful Gadgets for a Better Sleep

Sleep plays an essential role in our life. Getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep can improve your mental and physical health, treat the injuries caused during the time you are awake.However, many peopledo not have enough sleep, stay up and get up very late, which are unscientific and can cause great harms to your […]

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6 most common mistakes made while exercising

Most women generally do not hesitate to go to great lengths in order to stay in shape. They are willing to spend hours on the gym’s treadmills, wake up early for morning jogging or yoga, and even abstain from their favorite food. Yet, over the time, there are many having their spirit dampened since no […]

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How to protect your hair when going to public pools

How to protect your hair when going to public pools?

Swimming is a good practice that is highly recommended by fitness trainers and health enthusiasts alike. An intensive 30-minute swimming is expected to burn up to 200 calories; not to mention, you could derive relaxation out of this exercise. However, many people are not too keen on swimming at the pool out of consideration for […]

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Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Healthy Fingernails

Are your nails fragile or broken? Do you want to have stronger and healthier nails? You can go to nail salons to take care of them, which can cost you quite a lot money. Keeping your fingernails in good condition might not be so expensive. Just follow our following dos and don’ts, which are natural […]

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Five Tips for Healthy Skin -

Five Tips for Healthy Skin

Air pollution and ultraviolet rays which are constantly increasing today due to both natural and human activities are confirmed enemies of human skin, requiring people to take various measures to protect their skin. Due to the hectic life nowadays, sometimes, you do not have time for exhaustive skin care. But don’t worry because with the […]

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Facial masks from food-

Facial masks from food

Despite being dispensable in the skincare procedure, facial mask could still be included to ensure that your skin is best treated. Facial mask is an on-the-spot mode of skincare which is aimed to provide necessary nourishment for your skin. Of course, you could easily find packaged facial ►masks in any cosmetic shops. However, to save […]

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How to keep work out in winter ?

It is common belief that we are liable to weight gain in winter than in other seasons. This is actually not the case unless you allow it to be.There is more than one cause behind winter weight gain. First and foremost, during winter time, your desire for food are most likely to become stronger than […]

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Why is it hard to be rid of belly fat?

Most attempts to ►lose weight often start with the midsections ►the belly.In fact, there are two types of fat that make up the belly bulge, that is, subcutaneous fat which lies underneath the skinand visceral fat which lies further inside and builds up around internal organs. Both are accumulated via over-consumption of calorie-rich products, and […]

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The Japanese breating technique

The Japanese have been known as health fanatics as they are all aspired to prolong their life expectancy. Hence, many diet plans have been invented even though they are just short-lived, easy come and easy go. More than one Japanese diet comes to mind, as we are on this topic. Natto diet, tomato juice, banana […]

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