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How to protect your hair when going to public pools

How to protect your hair when going to public pools?

Swimming is a good practice that is highly recommended by fitness trainers and health enthusiasts alike. An intensive 30-minute swimming is expected to burn up to 200 calories; not to mention, you could derive relaxation out of this exercise. However, many people are not too keen on swimming at the pool out of consideration for […]

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Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Healthy Fingernails

Are your nails fragile or broken? Do you want to have stronger and healthier nails? You can go to nail salons to take care of them, which can cost you quite a lot money. Keeping your fingernails in good condition might not be so expensive. Just follow our following dos and don’ts, which are natural […]

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Five Tips for Healthy Skin -

Five Tips for Healthy Skin

Air pollution and ultraviolet rays which are constantly increasing today due to both natural and human activities are confirmed enemies of human skin, requiring people to take various measures to protect their skin. Due to the hectic life nowadays, sometimes, you do not have time for exhaustive skin care. But don’t worry because with the […]

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Facial masks from food-

Facial masks from food

Despite being dispensable in the skincare procedure, facial mask could still be included to ensure that your skin is best treated. Facial mask is an on-the-spot mode of skincare which is aimed to provide necessary nourishment for your skin. Of course, you could easily find packaged facial ►masks in any cosmetic shops. However, to save […]

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