5 Best Weight Loss Gadgets

Today, having a slim body is not just a dream of models, but also ordinary people as well. And one of the most popular ways to gain a nice body is to lose weight by combining between doing regular exercise and a balanced diet.

However, it is really difficult for people to achieve this goal. Luckily enough, a number of weight loss gadgets have been invented, providing you with motivation and facilitating your training, weight monitoring and success assessing. 5 of these technological breakthroughs will be introduced in this article.

1. Smart Scale

It’s very advisable that you use a smart scale connected to your iPhone or Android. What is the difference between a conventional scale and a smart scale. With an old scale, you can only know your weight and then manually measure your weight loss or weight gain. Meanwhile, with a smart scale with Bluetooth or WiFi, you can automatically log on your weight and its trend: gain or loss.

Smart Scale - Fitnesseq.com - 5 Best Weight Loss Gadgets

A smart scale helps you develop the habit of regularly measuring your weight. Recently, a study from PLOS One reveals that people lose more weight when they measure their weight more often. Another study found that you should not skip measuring your weight for more than 5.8 days; otherwise, you may break the habit. This gadget keeps you motivated by showing your daily progress, so you are more determined and willing to do exercise and maintain a balanced diet so that you can lose weight more safely and quickly.

2. WiThings Smart Body Analyzer

WiThings Smart Body Analyzer - Fitnesseq.com - 5 Best Weight Loss Gadgets

You can monitor your weight, body fat, body mass index with WiThings Smart Body Analyzer. This gadget also measures your heart rate which is also included in your health data. Moreover, CO2 level and room temperature can also be measured by this tool. AWiThings Smart Body Analyzeralone cannot help you lose weight, but it sufficiently provides you with your data health so that you can promptly adjust your diet and exercise to your health and lose weight effectively.

3. Fitbit Charge HR

You can measure your heart rate, distance, stairs climbed, calories burned and active time during training and other activities throughout the day at any time, in any place with the Fitbit Charge HR on your wrist.Surprisingly, all these data can be transferred without a wire to the iPhone and Android. With those data, this tool can give you an overview on your health. When you see your continuous progress, you have the motivation to make more efforts to lose weight. It also allows you to connect with friends so that everybody can be kept interested and determined.

Fitbit Charge HR

4. Smartphone

It is not a must to purchase a gadget which can be put on your body to get a good weight loss device. Your smart phones, which can be of any type, an iPhone or Android, can monitor your progress with internal sensors.

Steps can be measured by the iPhone 6s while both steps and stair climbed can be measured by iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X. The latter can also access fitness data when just lying in your pocket. Several iPhone models can also measure the distance you run and walk.

5. Standing desk

When you are tired of tough exercise, you can choose a standing desk as an ideal alternative. 2,000 more calories can be burnt if you stand at your desk to work instead of sitting. Many standing desks at reasonable price are available in the market, most of which allow you to change from the standing mode to the sitting one with a simple conversion.

Standing desk

Carrie Schmitz, AOEAS, Certified Health Coach, Senior Manager, Human Factors and Ergonomics Research at Ergotron said that gentle activities such as standing or walking are far more important than expected. Actually, such activities, if regularly done, play an extremely important part in human metabolism and make up for more of your energy consumption than strenuous exercise such as running.

In conclusion, all of the above-mentioned devices cannot directly help you lose weight, but only keep you motivated to do so by tracking and showing your own progress to you on a regular basis. Try these devices and see if they can help you to realize your dream of having a slim body with a moderate weight. Wish you success!

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