5 habits that cause damage to your hair

Hair is of great value to beauty; that is to say, your appearance will certainly be accentuated by a great hair style. However, while seeking for hair beauty, we inevitably do things that make our hair suffer. That is why, hair maintenance should be carried out on daily basis, and one should not hesitate to take the trouble to ensure her hair is in its best state. Yet, there are some habits that accidentally nullify every effort you have made.

In case you don’t know, these bad habits will be broken down as follows.

1. Washing hair too often

5 habits that cause damage to your hair

It might never occur to you that washing hair frequently could wreak havoc on your hair. The common assumption is that hair-washing keeps your hair clean as if you breathe new life into it. however, in actual fact, the more you rinse your hair, the more breakage you create. For one thing, once soaked into water, the shaft has a tendency to swell for absorbing water, becoming more elastic and hence liable to break. Not to mention, shampoo increases breakage because it takes away hair oil and as a result, dries it out.

All in all, don’t wash your hair more times than necessary. Should you feel irritated because of dirty hair, try dry shampoo (that is, shampoo used without water) before regular hair-washing. Also, avoid shampoo intended for deep cleansing or clarifying.

2. Combing hair while it is still wet

5 habits that cause damage to your hair

As pointed out above, hair is most vulnerable when wet. Therefore, brushing wet (or even dry) hair could cause breakage.

For that reason, you are recommended to use your hands or wide-tooth combs to untangle your hair.

3. Drying your hair with towel

5 habits that cause damage to your hair-Drying your hair with towel

Again, because wet hair is susceptible to breakage, you should avoid rubbing your hair aggressively with a towel. In so doing, you are damaging the hair’s cubicle, causing your hair to be frizzier.

Instead, just dab gently, or turn to other types of towels such as a microfiber towel, or a paper one. You could even reuse an old T-shirt which is not only soft but also highly water-absorbent.

4. Using hairdryer

It may come as no surprise to most people that heat from hairdryer harms your hair. Yet, many people still resort to this method due to being pressed for time. Of course, hairdryer blows away moisture faster, but in the process, it dries out the moisture that is essential to hair as well. To put it simply, hairdryer makes your hair become dehydrated, and thus rigid and brittle. 

You should refrain from using hairdryer. In case you need to, apply heat-protector spray which will prevent excessive moisture loss, and opt for low heat mode to mitigate harmful effect. 

5. Ironing your hair

5 habits that cause damage to your hair-Ironing your hair

Similar to hairdryer, heat from hairdryer could be detrimental to hair either when wet or when dry. Ironing dry hair creates crack along the outer layer of the hair whereas ironing wet hair creates blisters as moisture is boiled into steam under high heat. Either way makes hair more likely to be broken and split at the end.

You could militate against these ironing-caused damage by putting on conditioner. With conditioner, when heated, hair will not be hurt; instead, it is stronger and more resilient to heat. 

Sure, hair is damaged by the weather and time. Because these are factors you can’t control, you can do nothing about it. However, changing habits is completely in your power. Being just a bit more conscious of your hair routine could keep your hair healthier for a longer time.

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