5 Healthy Eating Tips for Diabetics

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Some people may assume that only old people can be inflicted with diabetes; however, the fact is that diabetes poses a danger to anyone at any age. There are cases of patients who are only 18 -20 years old but inflicted with serious diabetes.

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease which renders human body unable to create insulin or efficiently use it, causing sugar levels in the blood to be high. Diabetes can have dire consequences for human health, such as damaged blood vessels, heart disease and even stroke.

What makes diabetes even more dangerous is the fact that once a person is inflicted with it, it is almost impossible for her/him to combat it. Fortunately enough, a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and medicines can help control the level of blood sugar and diminish the consequences of diabetes. This article is going to offer some useful tips on healthy eating for diabetics.

1. Pay attention to Carbs

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While it is essential to include carbohydrates in your meal every day, all carbohydrates influence blood glucose level; therefore, pay attention to the quantity of carbs you consume each day. Diabetics should take carbs from healthy sources like wholegrain starchy foods, fruits and vegetables and some dairy foods. Nowadays, there are a lot of substitutes which are lower in carbs than conventional foods but still provide people with sufficient nutrients and energy such as brown bread or brown rice instead of white bread or white rice.

2. Cut the fat

Like any other nutrients, fat is essential to human body. However, diabetics should cut down on the amount of saturated fat which originates from animal products such as butter and cheese, red and processed meat. Instead, they should consume fat which is made of plant products such as palm oil or coconut oil. An ideal kind of oil to be used for cooking for diabetics is olive oil.

3. Limit sugar

Diabetics should try to limit sugar in their foods as much as possible.Your food must still contain a certain amount of sugar, enough to help the body maintain energy.Try to avoid sweet foods and drinks and find substitutes whenever you can.

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4. Cut back on salt

A high consumption of salt can cause high blood pressure, which can easily lead to diabetes. Adults should have maximum 6 grams of salt intake a day and children should consume even less. Salt usually comes from processed food; therefore, try to eat those foods less and prepare your own meals.

5. Stick to a meal schedule

It is advisable that diabetics should eat at regular intervals. Regular eating helps human body control sugar levels in the blood more efficiently.

Controlling sugar levels in the blood is easy and difficult at the same time. It is easy if you know how to do it and have determination; but it is difficult if you are irresponsible with yourself and do not pay any attention to your diet. We hope that with these tips, you can live in harmony with diabetes and successfully handle its complications.

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