6 most common mistakes made while exercising

Most women generally do not hesitate to go to great lengths in order to stay in shape. They are willing to spend hours on the gym’s treadmills, wake up early for morning jogging or yoga, and even abstain from their favorite food. Yet, over the time, there are many having their spirit dampened since no significant changesare shown, and they get injured themselves. Of course, working out on daily basis is welcomed but for transformation to materialize without any bodily damages, you should need to make sure you have got the basics right.

Here are some exercise mistakes that often go unnoticed but actually are a drag on your effort to be fit.

1. Wearing cotton

Cotton clothes are indeed prevalent and comfortable. However, although they could absorb sweat generated during workout, it takes a while for the sweat to dry away. Thus, a cotton T-shirt could stick to the skin and chafe it while you are exercising. As a result, your skin will become prone to acnes and soreness. Not to mention, you could to inflicted with a chill by wearing a damp shirt. Hence, you are recommended to activewear made of quick-drying synthetics or moisture-wicking fabrics.

6 most common mistakes made while exercising - fitnesseq.com

2. Exercising without sports bras

It is false assumption that it is better to work out while every part of your body is in most relaxed state, and hence women should not wear bra. However, going without a sports bra could wreak havoc on your breast. Breast is essentially fat tissues attached to the chest wall by ligaments which are quite sensitive to aggressive motion. Therefore, unsupported by bra, breasts run the risk of having its ligaments torn due to their weight, and becoming saggy as a result. A sports bra prevents this possibility by provide support and distribute the breast weight evenly while exercising.

3. Exercising with unchanged intensity

Out of the fear of exhaustion, many women just focus on workout regularity in lieu of workout intensity; thus, they tend to maintain the same exercising regime like running at the same pace every day. The changes are only minimal if you are doing so. Therefore, try more intensive exercises in addition to regular ones. In that way, not only does workout become less tedious but the amount of fat burned and muscle mass will also increase.

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4. Refraining from weight training

Women generally do not relish the idea of weight lifting due to the prospect of being unintentionally muscular while weight lifting actually help burn calories faster. That is a fallacy because women’s body does not produce testosterone, which is responsible for toning up your muscles.

6 most common mistakes made while exercising-Working out while being hungry - fitnesseq.com

5. Not warming up

Don’t be too excited when working out and get right down to the hard part without any warm-up or stretching. Remember that these steps, though simple, are of great importance. Warm-ups prepare your body and mind for upcoming arduous activities, hence minimizing the possibility of injuries.

6. Working out while being hungry

It could not be stressed enough the fact that you should not go and work out on an empty stomach. While to certain extent, it is true to think that you will shed pounds faster going without food, you need to energy to brace yourself for the physically demanding exercises, or else you could become exhausted faster, and more liable to faintness due to low blood pressure. You are advised to eat small snack before hitting the gyms and always have a bottle of water nearby.

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