Advantages and Disadvantages of Going to the Gym

It is common knowledge that regular exercise can do wonders for human health, helping them to have a longer and healthier life. Nowadays, along with the increasing concern for health, people have paid more attention to doing exercise.

One of the most popular ways to work out is to go to gym every day. While the benefits of going to gym are well-known, their drawbacks are little known.

This article is going to help people become aware of some of the most important advantages of going to the gym, but more importantly, some of its disadvantages so that they know how to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks.


1. Physical benefits

  • Prevent against diseases : Regular workoutdecreases the risk of diabetes, metabolic diseases and even cancer, especially colon and breast cancer . What’s more, everyday exercise enhances your heart efficiency by helping it pump more smoothly with less pressure.
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    Your blood pressure can also be controlled if you regularly do exercise because your blood can run more effectively through your arteries. Going to the gym five days a week, 30 minutes a day can decrease the risk of heart diseases.
  • Support your muscles and joints : Activities in the gym motivate you to work out regularly, equally do aerobics and strength training exercises, thus supporting your joints, muscles, making you stronger and more flexible.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Going to the Gym2

2. Psychological Benefits

  • Encourage your social life : When going to gym instead of staying at home and watching TV, you can communicate with more people,strike up more friendships. expand your social network, get more fun from talking with others and make your social life more colorful.
  • Reduce stress : When you work out, you experience peace of mind and the feelings of achievements, which sparks the center of enjoyment in your brain and positively affect your mood. According to Harvard Medical Center, exercise helps people diminish their stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline since endorphins are discharged. The two activities occur simultaneously, helping youreduce pressure and boost happy and relaxing feelings.

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1. Physical drawbacks

  • Damage your hear : Doing exercise in the gym often puts heavy pressure on the heart. In fact, the exercise with long-cardio can increase the risk to the heart seven times. The solution is to constantly check your heart rate when working out.
  • Upset your diet : Once you start going to the gym regularly, you will find your desire for food more intensive, your hunger comes more frequently; as a result, you find it hard to resist the attraction of delicious food; at that time, you face the challenge of upsetting your diet and increasing weight. The best course of action is to carefully check your diet and avoid the foods that contain many calories.
  • Suffer from injuries : There are chances that you can be inflicted with severe injuries working out in the gym. Health experts advise that to avoid injuries, you should listen to your own body, never go far beyond your ability and closely follow the directions of a fitness trainer.
Disadvantages of Going to the Gym

2. Mental drawbacks

  • Feel guilty : Guilt is one of the primary reasons for people going to the gym. “I eat too much” or “I have not done any exercise at all for weeks”. Those are some examples of the guilty thoughtsyou may experience when you are going to make a decision to go to the gym. To make the matter worse, when you have registered, paid the fee and sometimes, you find some excuses for not going to the gym, then you will feel even more guilty.The answer to this problem is to carefully consider before deciding to join a gym in the first place.
  • Become addicted : You have become a regular gym goer, but suddenly, you stop, you are very likely to experience such symptoms as discomfort, tension, anxiety, guilt, depression, loss of appetite, sleeplessness and headaches. It is time for you to calm down and seriously think to determine whether your habit of going to gym is passion or obsession.

In conclusion, every coin has two sides; going to gym is no exception since it has both advantages and disadvantages. Everyone should first try to be aware of its benefits and drawbacks and then listen to their body, conform to the directions of the fitness trainer and the rules of the gym club to maximize its pros, minimize its cons and make the most of going to the gym.

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