All You Need to Know about Fitness

All You Need to Know about Fitness

Today, the modern hectic life has led to the increasing concern about fitness of all people. All people want to be healthier; however, do you know clearly about fitness.

WH Fit Club had a Facebook chat with celebrity fitness trainer to ask her to answer 10 of your biggest questions about fitness. Scroll down to get the answers to 10 biggest need-to-know questions about fitness in the most logical and detailed way.

1. Yoga and Pilates, which is better for people’s health?

It is a personal matter. Yoga is not for you if you are suffering from lower back pain due to the pressure in some positions on your back created by yoga. If you want to extend your body, yoga is the perfect option. But if you want to strengthen your body 0n the whole, Pilates is more helpful.

2. What mistake people at the gym make the most?

The most common mistake people make when doing gym is a misunderstanding about how to use the equipment. They do the exercises with the equipment incorrectly and eventually hurting themselves. Therefore, you should consult an experienced fitness trainer to get an insight to how to use the machines.

3. What should I eat before doing exercise?

You should eat foods rich in carbs and protein before working out and protein within an hour after that. These foods provide you with sufficient energy so that you can perform the workout to the fullest and compensate for the energy loss during the workout.

4. If my knee is injured, is it possible to use a treadmill?

Yes, you can. But make sure that the speed and the incline isat a low level. You should also walk only. To be the safest, you should focus on recovering your legs through moderate exercises like quad extensions, hamstring curls and calf raises.

If my knee is injured, is it possible to use a treadmill?

5. How can I narrow my waistline?

The answer is 80% diet and 20% workout. A combination of diet and exercises are the best for your abdomen reduction. Or you can also try plank, either a moderate or full plank. Planks are not only good for flattening your stomach but also strengthening your butts.

6. What type of exercises are the most useful for toning arms?

A combination of three-to-five-pound weights and resistance bands is the perfect option for sculpting arms. You should do with low weight and high repetition to make sure that the muscles are not overdone.

7. What exercises I should do for a quick workout in 20 to 30 minutes?

It can be a combination of burpees, jumping jacks and jump rope. Or you can also do jumping squats to make the muscles in your lower body stronger and then pushups and situps.

8. What beauty products should women have in their gym bag?

It depends on each woman’s interest and demand.  But the most common things are adry shampoo, tinted moisturizer, face mist, deodorant, body wash and certainly a bottle of water.

9. Are there any exercises that can be done at the office chair to lose weight without causing annoyance to colleagues?

You can do squats or other leg-related exercises at the office desk. You can grasp your chair and perform squats or you can sit still, compress your glutes and extend your legs to stretch your quad. If possible, you can also get out of the office room, go to the bathroom and do some squats there for a change.

10. How I can motivate myself to do exercises in the morning?

It is advisable to deliberately set your alarm clock to wake up. Think about the feeling after you have done some morning exercise. This helps you feel more energetic throughout the day; you can be more active and have a fresh mind to perform other activities more effectively.

Above are the answers to 10 most common questions about fitness. Hope that with the above information can help youenjoy good health and live a more quality life.

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