Ann Chery Waist Cincher Reviews 2020

Ann Chery Waist Cincher Reviews

A very well known name in the shapewear industry is Ann Chery which is a Columbian company. It is very popular among South Americans. Currently, their products are available in Mexicoapart from the United States and will be expanding to Europe very soon.

The company admits that because they are able to handle projects using the best organizational techniques, they are able to provide to their consumer’s productsthat are very high on quality. They have many types of shapewear which are created by focusing on strict standards. This brand knows they can better themselves so they can provide their consumers with stylish shapewear that is comfortable, functional and looks awesome too.

Their products designed for both genders aim to help their users find a solution to their concerns and problems related to their appearance and body shape. Apart from waist cinchers they also make girdles, bodysuits, fajas, and compression shorts. Their products help weight loss, shaping ones body post-childbirth, shaping and smoothening of the midsection, getting the right posture post any medical or cosmetic procedure, and in reducing any type of pain.

These can be used by people of different sizes as they offer a wide range in terms of shapes and sizes. Ann Chery without any doubt meets their consumers needs irrespective of what their requirement is.

Ann Chery 2026 Workout FajaDeportiva


This is an imported waist cincher that needs to be washed using water and mild soap. It is made of latex and cotton and comes. There are three color options available: pink, blue, and purple. On using the waist cincher while doing any activity, one sweat. Sweating helps release toxins from the body and extra sweating because of this cincher burns out excessive calories while working out. This all leads to having a healthy body. The mid-section is also compressed that lets you have a defined waistline.

Consumers love this product as it can be comfortably worn either directly on the skin, on a petticoat or with a combo of a sweatband.The comfort comes from the fact that it fits fine even though it stretches a bit. Though it is visible if worn beneath transparent clothes, it blends in well with all other clothes. You must be aware of your body measurements and compare it to the available sizing chart before you buy the waist cincher. Or you may land up buying a smaller one.

To avoid breathing problems and any discomforts while doing simple tasks, it is advisable to wear the garment and get a hang of it before you start using it for your workouts. Overall it is a highly recommended and loved product by its users owing to the desired body shape they are able to achieve and also because it helps in correcting the posture.

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Ann Chery 2021 Black Latex 3 Hook Classic


This black latex shapewear is very attractive as it resembles leather. The hooks that are placed in three rows in the front help reduce the waistline by some inches and allows the user to still be able to wear the shapewear by using the hooks for adjustments.

Spandex and Polyamide have been used to make this product as these provide maximum stretch and compress the waist and also the whole of the abdomen area. In order to make it easier for you to wear it regularly, it has a covered booming skeleton. This helps reduce problems associated with poor body shapes. It doesn’t shift nor lose the shape.

It is specially made for workouts related to weight loss and releasing body toxins, and also to get the waist and the mid-section compressed. This allows having a uniform look on wearing beneath your clothes. It is one of the best sellers because it enables you to reduce weight very quickly on your waistline. The latex smell for some is unpleasant. This odor can be avoided by hand washing it on buying it.

You must buy one size bigger to make sure that it perfectly fits your body, though many find it to be invisible from below their garments and fits well. This waist cincher is loved by most users as it has a sleek look and is durable.

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Ann Chery 2025 Faja Clasica Waist Cincher Review

This body shaperhas the design of a high rise. This design enables the shaper to start from under the bust area and secure the entire waist and mid-a-section of the body. The wearers get quality results as a result of its compression which is ultra-high.

This is available in different colors and sizes which include beige and black and also the interiors of it have encased ribs which allows it to stand properly and get a good hook closure.

Irrespective of the activity you are doing of whatever level, be it a workout or other work or just sitting, you can wear the faja. Your entire torso is covered by it on wearing which helps in correcting your posture and weight reduction. You can also get an hourglass body shape.

Whoever has bought it online has high regard for it. They find it easy to wear for atleast 12 hours daily and tuck it into their Jeans or pants easily because of its length. It blends well beneath any loose-fitting garments. The only drawback is that they are small and hence one must try them before buying them. However, there are enough reasons in favor of this waist cincher, enough for you to give it a try.

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