Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Are you a frequent gym goer? If you are, you must be familiar with elliptical machines (or elliptical trainers or cross trainers) one of the indispensable pieces of gym equipment in the cardio section of a gym or health club.

It is animmobile machine which has two handles and two pedals. The exercise with this machine is used to replace walking, running, and stairs climbing and offers users an efficient full-body workout.

Elliptical machines are not only popular at gyms but also commonly used at homes as well.In order to use an elliptical machine, you just need to stand on the pedals and grab the handles and then move your legs and arms in a back-and-forth motion. Apart from the simplicity of usage, this machine also offers a wide range of benefits.

1. Cardiovascular system enhancement

Elliptical trainers are can do wonders for humancardiovascular system. Working out with an elliptical trainer helps increase yourheart rate to a reasonable extent (with some types of elliptical trainers, you can keep track of your heart rate, which is on the screen).

As a result, you can have a stronger heart and lung at the same time and a high aerobic capacity, which helps you to maintain activities for long periods of time without being out of breath.

Benefits of Elliptical Machines

2. Weight loss

As revealed by Harvard Health Publications, you can burn approximately 400 calories in just 30-minute workout with an elliptical machine, depending on your weight. The number of calories you can burn also depends on the intensity of your workout.

The more intense of your workout is, the more calories you can burn, and the more weight you can lose.The amount of calories burned after working out on elliptical trainers are equivalent to the treadmill, however,the former helps you feel more relaxed sincemore muscles are simultaneously used to create the movement.

Therefore, many people choose this piece of equipment to speed up their weight loss.

3. Injuries prevention

One of the most striking features of elliptical machines is the degree of safety. It is because when working out with a cross trainer, your heels are connected to the pedals because your feet are fixed on the pedals.

The pressure put on your joints such as the knees is reduced significantly, which is different from running and cycling or stairs climbing and makes elliptical machines an ideal option for people who suffer from jointpains.

Moreover, if you are unfamiliar with the gym, you can have great difficulty in using some types of equipment of which instructions for use are too complicated to understand. Nevertheless, this is not the case with the elliptical trainer. You can learn how to use one in only a few minutes.

As a result, the elliptical trainer is one of the safest workout piece of workout equipment. Unlike treadmills onwhich many people get injured when they fall off, the cross trainer is well-known for its ability to protect users from injuries.

Benefits of Elliptical Machines

4. Work out the entire body

Elliptical trainers are different from other cardio machines with regard to their ability to help users work out the whole body, thus increasing the number of calories burned. To work out your arms effectively, grab the handles, push and pull them as you move the pedals with your feet.

This helps you exercise your whole body, both your upper (chest and shoulders) and lower body (legs).To train your abdominal muscle more, simply do not hold the handles and just concentrate on your core muscles.

When you are not holding the handles, your abdominal muscles must be used so that you can keep balance. In this case, your midsection can be efficiently exercised.

To conclude, elliptical machines have a multitude of health benefits to human beings. If you are a person who strives for good health, you should not skip them. You can go to a gym to train with a cross trainer or you can buy one to work out at your own house. So the benefits of an elliptical is unquestionable, but the problem is how to choose a right one, which has been presented in another article in our series bout elliptical machine.

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