The benefits of working out at night

The benefits of working out at night

The crack of dawn has always said to be the best time to exercise. This is not necessarily true because there are many benefits you could reap from nighttime workouts.

First and foremost, not many people could manage to wake up early in the morning on a daily basis, which is especially true in winter times when you hardly resist the warmth of your bed. Failure to maintain workout regularitymeans the result will be minimal. Also, even after you’ve woken up, the drowsiness may not completely disappear, and leave you unmotivated. Going through the motion like that won’t bring you the changes you’re looking forward to. On the other hand, given that your body have been already in active state through the day, you are unlikely to feel sleepy when you exercise at night.

The benefits of working out at night

Nighttime workouts also provide a much-welcomed outlet for stress. During the day, you must undergo a fair amount of pressure from office work, house work, or from other commitments. Such stress build-up is obviously not good for your health, not the least of which is weight gain. A round of treadmill run or sandbag punching could help you unwind, and clear your mind. Yoga is another peaceful way of stress relief.

It is a popular belief that night exercise could ruin your sleep because it raises your body temperature.However, it actually could make you sleepbetter. Studies show that while exercising before bedtime could hinder you from falling asleep, it increases your sleep quality and duration.

Last but not least, working out at night will increase your appetite. Therefore, people who have to go without food to their liking for dinner for their diet’s sake are recommended to spend some time at the gym, or out in the park running after work.

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