Best Waist Trainer to be Worn under Clothes in 2020

best waist trainer for short torso

Initially, waist training could get confusing. Wearing waist trainers or corsets could get embarrassing or intimidating. Wonder whether women in olden days wore such devices to have a perfect hourglass figure in order to entice men. Yes, they did wear them. But this doesn’t imply that they only serve a single purpose.

Waist trainers are very beneficial to one’s posture and health apart from enticing men to be with you for the perfect body shape. So how does one get started?

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram picture wearing a corset looks so natural and normal for her to wear it just on top of her underwear. But, will it look the same for everyone else if they try it the same way?

So the answer is Yes again. Actually, in reality, wearing a corset can be kept as a secret and need not be revealed to the entire world. Today, durable and extremely thin materials are used to make the waist trainers that help hide the bulges without being visible to the outside world.

If unsure as to how to find the right waist trainer or which brand to purchase to wear and get a perfect looking figure, then you have arrived at the perfect place. In our tutorial, you will see how to commence the program for the best waist training.

Camellias Women’s Waist Trainer Belt

Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt


  • The Camellias waist trainer belt apart from being comfortable is adjustable and stretchable.
  • The Camellias belt helps in increasing the heat to reduce or burn fat in the targeted midsection areas.  It comprises of 100% finest neoprene which is latex mid stretchy fabric. This is good for all skin types and easy to clean.
  • The belt gives your body the perfect desired fit. The Velcro helps adjust sizing due to it being double adjustable.
  • The belt backside has a mesh which is great for breathability. The stretchy belt provides back support and also to the sides. It also is an awesome tool to relieve you from back pain and support the back and improve your posture.


  • On wearing the belt it stays in place without rolling upwards or downwards.
  • It is easily wearable beneath the clothes.
  • The steel boning helps in providing more strength and stiffness.


  • The length of the belt doesn’t cover the entire Torso.
  • There is a noise when you wear them.

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What is waist training?

People seem to be confused as to what is waist training actually and how it is beneficial to the user. To begin with, the habit of wearing a waist cincher or a corset regularly at fixed intervals during for a long time is the actual meaning of waist training.  The ultimate goal of someone wearing the waist trainer is to reduce the natural size of the waist and enhancing the curves.

These are designed to tuck in the midsection of the user, especially by following a proper diet that is healthy and by doing the required exercises regularly. One can become slimmer with the help of this compression or tucking in of the midsection. Minus any daily exercise and proper intake of the right diet, the waist trainer can still help in slimming the slim size of the waist by 2-3 inches.

How does one choose the perfect waist trainer?

There is a huge list of models and brands to choose from reference waist trainers in the market, and the advertisements done by these very slim models confuse the buyer even more.  Hence very often, they will go ahead and buy many corsets that suit their body dimensions and the desired shape they want to achieve. Given below are the names of some really good waist trainers that will help one achieve their target of becoming slimmer.

For better results, while wearing the waist trainer one could go to the gym. Using a workout band simultaneously and focusing on those exercises that help one sweat more and are easy in movement, will be very beneficial as this will reduce the development of muscles.

For those who have very little time but want to reduce their stomach by a few inches, the cincher is the best everyday solution. The color could be selected carefully so that it does not get seen through a white shirt.

In order to lose pregnancy weight, new moms should opt for the waist trainer that has hooks attached in three rows. This will allow them a lot of moving space.

​Latex is commonly used in making waste trainers. Latex is a rubbery and durable material which enables snug compression for the belly.

For sensitive women latex, free materials are available just in case they cannot wear flexible materials.

Traditional waist trainers could be corsets with steel-bones – the ones usually used in cowboy movies by the scarlet women. These have a better dramatic effect on slimming the body faster combined with regular and proper exercise and diet.

Cotton-based waist trainers and a cincher that has no-closure are comfortable and light. Despite being very light they can provide medium compression to help the body look good.

A short waist trainer is best suitable for smaller women as they will find them comfortable.

For women who are plus-sized, there are options of other models that can help them in shaping their body.

Busty women should wear corsets that can give bust support. Luckily, waist trainers that are vest-style are available that support the waist size and bust. The one which has adjustable straps would be preferable.

How does one select the perfect one?

After finding a waist trainer that meets the requirements, one will have to check which size fits based on the body width and length. Measuring the waist is of utmost importance while selecting a waist trainer apart from checking that it compresses the belly and allows movement. Picking a smaller waist trainer just because it compresses the belly, even more, could be detrimental in the long run. Hence, it is always better to pick a comfortable moderately compressive waist trainer that allows enough movement than one that will suffocate and compress the belly beyond normal limits.

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