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Camellias Women’s Waist Trainer Belt – a Miracle for Women’s Body?

Today, many people, especially women go to great lengths to have a sexier body. Going to gyms is one of the conventional effective methods; however, we need to wait for such a long time to see the results so it is only suitable for patient and determined people. Wearing a waist cincher is one of the more modern, quicker approaches to an hourglass body. To achieve this ambition, I tried researching on the Internet for a kind of waist trainer that suits me and decided to buy a Camellias Women’s Waist Trainer Belt. Although to some extent, it does not quite live up to my expectations, generally, I have to say that it is the ideal product for women who are striving for a slimmer waistline like me.


Actually, a Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt looks like a normal belt. What makes it outstanding is its material and clever design.

      • Made from 100% Latex-free Neoprene material
      • Flexible and strong thanks to the double Velcro adjustment in the front
      • Measurement: Front 7 inches; Back 8.5 inches
      • Manufactured in 7 distinctive colors: Black, Orange, Purple, Beige, Blue, Rose and Lemon Green
      • Offered with Sauna Slim Technology.
      • Simple to use: just need to wrap around the midsection and strap up



The first outstanding feature of Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt is the comfort level. It is made from high - quality, 100% latex -free, comfortable, flexible and elastic material, which means it can be cleaned and fit my body with ease and does not irritate my skin. Despite my fear that it would bother me with the tight fit as described on the Internet, I was amazed to find out that I was really comfortable wearing it when working out.


Another reason why I recommend this product is its strength. I am surprised at the fact that a belt which looks so fragile and thin remains undamaged after having to control my physical force for several hours of working out a day. What’s more, during my workout, my body is in numerous postures; however, after I take off the waist trainer, it still keeps the original shape thanks to the nine spirally support steel bones.

Smart Design

The design of a Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt is exceptionally U-shaped. It is designed in a dimension that fits the bottom of my breasts to totally support them, make them tougher and prevent sagging. After long periods of wearing it, I realize that my bust now looks much sexier than before even when I am not wearing the waist trainer. The design of the boning also fits any poses that I adopt.

Back support

The flexibility of the waist belt supports for my sides and back, which have suffered from pain for such a long time. Especially for people who have lower back problems like me, the waist trainer compacts around the waist, which helps alleviate the pains and improve my posture Previously, I used to adopt some bad postures but now I have got rid of them because bad postures are not allowed when wearing waist cincher.

Weight and waistline reduction

The waist cincher enhances the efficiency of my workout by raising the temperature around my midsection. This means that I sweat more, which helps me clear away the toxins and wastes from my body. Higher temperature means more fat at my abdomen burned. Actually, Camellias waist training cincher burns fat up to twice faster than normal waist cincher with Sauna Slim Technology. As a result, now, I have reduced my weight and also my waistline at the same time after periods of workout with this product.


However, every coin has two sides. Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt does have some negative points and does not come up to my expectations to a certain extent.


Despite its comfort and high-quality fabric, it is absolutely heavier than most other types of waist cincher, which could be a really nuisance for people who would rather wear it during the day to train the midsection on a regular basis like me. Moreover, it will be fine if I am wearing a thick and loose t-shirt; otherwise, it can be easily noticed. Therefore, this product is more suitable for me to wear at night. However, here, another problem emerges.

Difficulty in breathing

I am quite disappointed that I cannot sleep while wearing a Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt. I once tried wearing it in my sleep; however, its compression and nasty chemical plastic smell interfere with my sleep and make it difficult for me to breathe. I had to wake up and take it off immediately. When I first took it out of the box, I was really annoyed with the smell. I immediately called the producers and they said that this smell would disappear over time, but I have to say that now, it is still terrible.

Having said that, because the advantages absolutely outweigh the disadvantages, I would recommend the Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt to women who desire for a sexier body with a more slender waist. I have gained more motives for workout because the desirable outcomes are quickly noticeable. However, watch out for its drawbacks that can bother you. I hope that you can have enjoyable experience with this brilliant product like me.

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