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5. Face Mask to Whiten Skin

Address all Skin Problems with 5 Natural Turmeric Face Masks

Turmeric is yellow powder which the Asian often use to add color to their dishes. Surprisingly, it can also help you tackle numerous skin issues. This article is going to provide you with five turmeric face mask recipes which you can follow to attain healthy and beautiful skin. Address all Skin Problems with 5 Natural […]

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Fight against Skin Aging

Best Foods to Fight against Skin Aging

All people, regardless of gender and age, desire for a healthy and soft skin. However, aging prevents them from that goal. The aging process manifests itself the most clearly in your skin by drying and wrinkling it. Fortunately enough, there have been various remedies for skin aging, one of which is a healthy diet with […]

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How to Eliminate Dandruff with Natural Remedies

Dandruff could be induced by a dry scalp, or a skin state called seborrhea. It can also be the consequence of dermatitis, psoriasis, or, more commonly, a high level of a yeast growth. While some people are inflicted with dandruff all year round, others fall victim to it only during hot humid months which create the […]

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5 habits that cause damage to your hair

Hair is of great value to beauty; that is to say, your appearance will certainly be accentuated by a great hair style. However, while seeking for hair beauty, we inevitably do things that make our hair suffer. That is why, hair maintenance should be carried out on daily basis, and one should not hesitate to […]

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Tips for Women to Handle Hair Loss

Hair loss is such a problematic condition for females that it can cause anxiety and inferiority complex. It can also indicate a woman’s deteriorating health, so cannot be neglected. Genetics, protein insufficiency, high level of stress, and the way women style your hair are among the reasons for their hair loss. Luckily enough, various products […]

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Natural methods for dead skin cell removal while showering

Natural methods for dead skin cell removal while showering

It is estimated that within the span of 24 hours, we shed almost a million cells. These disposed cells will gradually move up so as to reach the surface of our skin. That is why, over the time, our skin is fraught with dead skin cells which are allegedly responsible for blemishes and fine lines, […]

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Four Foods to Eat and to Avoid to Fight Acne

Acne is askin issue usuallycaused by alterations in the body hormones, so it is most commonplace among adolescents experiencing puberty. Acne can create several kinds of spots anywhere on theexternal part of the skin, but the most common places areface, neck, shoulders and back. People often naturally overcome acne after several years of adolescents; however, […]

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How to protect your hair when going to public pools

How to protect your hair when going to public pools?

Swimming is a good practice that is highly recommended by fitness trainers and health enthusiasts alike. An intensive 30-minute swimming is expected to burn up to 200 calories; not to mention, you could derive relaxation out of this exercise. However, many people are not too keen on swimming at the pool out of consideration for […]

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Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Healthy Fingernails

Are your nails fragile or broken? Do you want to have stronger and healthier nails? You can go to nail salons to take care of them, which can cost you quite a lot money. Keeping your fingernails in good condition might not be so expensive. Just follow our following dos and don’ts, which are natural […]

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Five Tips for Healthy Skin -

Five Tips for Healthy Skin

Air pollution and ultraviolet rays which are constantly increasing today due to both natural and human activities are confirmed enemies of human skin, requiring people to take various measures to protect their skin. Due to the hectic life nowadays, sometimes, you do not have time for exhaustive skin care. But don’t worry because with the […]

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