Colombian Waist Trainer Reviews 2020

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A very smooth and soft product, these trainers were sent in a see-through plastic bag which seems to be the norm in online shopping. The garment from Squeem was lightweight, had a layer of latex on the inside and cotton on the outside.The stitching was of high quality as was the quality of the entire product.


The waist trainers, in sizes M and L, was given to our assistant in and she wore it to her gym along with a friend. After completing a heavy workout session, it was noticed that she looked visibly firmer than before and had an envious curve to her body. If one did not know it one would never have figured out that she was still wearing the cincher beneath her Tee shirt because it clung to the skin naturally and was not visible even under tight-fitting clothes.

Exercising with the belts was another thing. After a comprehensive workout session with cardio and weight training, our assistant and her friend, who used the size L, found that wearing the cincher during the aerobic session was cumbersome and so they got rid of it. This was not the case during the weight training session. The measurements of the belt, a bit longer in the front than the back, gave the wearer freedom of movement and ably supported the spine making it comfortable to wear during exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Thus effectively increasing the support to the mid-section.

Easily available on Amazon, Ska Studio products are similar to the Colombian brand Ann Chery and they sent a couple of sports trainers for the waist in the color black.


Latex blocks heat when worn and our assistant realized that the belt aided a thermo effect as the inner cotton layer and the outer latex layer prevented the escape of body heat. This causes the temperature of the body to rise but the cotton layer that traps the moisture from the sweat causes the body to cool down. This aids in increasing the body perspiration which is just sucking out of moisture from the fat deposits in the body and thereby causing a loss in weight and enabling one to get a sleek waistline. A few days of wearing the cincher and the results are clearly seen.


In comparison to Squeem, the 102FAD trainer from Ska Studio is a far superior garment. Soft and lightweight, this cincher is for those who are serious about training their waist. The slimming effect after wearing this product is as good as any cincher from the Ann Chery line. Barely visible and of a comfortable length, it is perfect for wearing during workouts as well as under one’s clothes.

The Colombian Waist Trainer

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If you’re looking for an answer to your weight loss issues, then the Colombian Waist Trainer is the ideal solution for you. Not only does it help all body types it also gives results instantly.

The term “waist” trainer is misleading though as the Colombian trainer shapes the upper body and stretches till the thighs.

It adjusts body fat in such a way that the fat moves from the thighs to the derriere and from the abdomen upwards to the bust. Loss of baby-fat, straightening of the posture and a complete body makeover are the advantages of this garment.

A product that has multiple advantages this Colombian Trainer is one of the best in the market. Be it uplifting the bust, achieving the sultry look or just simply the ease of using the washroom due to its well-placed opening, this trainer fits the bill.

What we love

  • What endears this garment to all is that it is a complete package and it instantly makes the wearer look alluring.
  • What could use improvement
  • A garment that has so many advantages does not need much improvement and you will discover that this is the best product on the market.

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A list of FYIs while buying Waist trainers.

During your search for the perfect cincher keep in mind that :


Do not go in for a product that feels uncomfortable to you. Make sure that the fit is correct or the results may not be as expected. It needs to readjust to your size when you drop a few inches.


Make sure that the trainer is such that it does not cause allergies. Soft and gentle is what one is looking for. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the product should be of high quality and suitable for your body shape.


The sustainability of the material is important. The higher the endurance the higher the quality.


“Buy cheap, buy twice”. If something is inexpensive it is probably poorly made and will wear out quickly. Buy a product that is of better quality even if it’s a little more expensive.

Look & Style:

Last but not least, if glamour and style are what you want to achieve then go for a product that will achieve smoothness to your look.

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