Dos and Don’ts to Maintain Healthy Fingernails and Don’ts to Maintain Healthy Fingernails

Are your nails fragile or broken? Do you want to have stronger and healthier nails? You can go to nail salons to take care of them, which can cost you quite a lot money. Keeping your fingernails in good condition might not be so expensive. Just follow our following dos and don’ts, which are natural tips to have healthy and beautiful fingernails.


1. Keep your nails in good hygiene

Trim your nails with sharp, clean scissors or clippers, then gently make the tips curved.

Keep your nails in good hygiene

2. Keep cuticle oil handy

Chilly weather and too much contact with chemicals can cause great harm to your nails, dry them, trigger hangnails, etc. One solution is to apply cuticle oil so that your nails can be moistened and healthy.

Keep cuticle oil handy

3. Wear gloves when doing housework

You should wear gloves to defend nails and cuticles from excessive exposure to water absorbed during household chores, gardening and washing dishes. This cancause soft, fragile nails that are vulnerable to damage.

4. Use supplements

As revealed by a study conducted by Wakefield Research, 80% of women suffer from breakable nails, skin or hair. If you belong to this classification, you should use beauty supplements. Vitamin supplements are good for your health; the same case applies to your nails. For beautiful and healthy fingernails, use supplements designed to thicken your nails and motivate nail growth.


1. Miss the defensive layer

The protective coat which is invisible once you have applied the nail polishis necessary for the nail wellness and strength. Applying base layer before nail polish can help prevent your nails from being yellow or grey colored afterwards. the defensive layer

2. Interfere with cuticles

As cuticles are the natural protection against fungus and germs, any damage to them can do harm to your nails. Therefore, whether you groom your fingernails your self or at a nail salon, keep cuticles intact.

3. Abuse nail polish removers

Restrict your utilization of nail polish removers. When you have no other choice but to resort to them, choose a type without acetone.

4. Neglect nail problems

If you have strange nail problems which do not disappear, contact your doctor or dermatologist and ask for his/her advice.

It seems to be so easy to disregard your nails, but it is even “easier” to keep your skin healthy and strong. Beautiful and strong nails help you feel confident, so try your best to achieve this by following the basic tips that are provided above.

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