How to Exercise with a Ball, a Miraculous Medicine? - Exercising with ball

There is a very simple but functional piece of equipment in the gym that you often neglect, the medicine ball.

A medicine ball (a med ball, a fitness ball or an exercise ball) is a loaded ball with the approximately diameter of the shoulders (around 13.7 inches). People often utilize a medicine ball to recover from illness and train strength.

The first use of the exercise ball dates back to 3000 years ago. The name medicine ball emerged as a result of a Renaissance physician’s discovery that injuries can be treated and hampered if people properly exercise with this piece of equipment.

This article is going to guide you how to correctly exercise with a medicine ball.

Your necessities

All you need is a med ball, a mat and yourself with will and ability.

Exercising with ball

The exercise

You workout includes six exercises in total; each exercise lasts one minute; therefore, you will spend 6 minutes finishing all the exercises. Do this sequence 4 times in total; it will take 24 minutes. This will help you train your shoulder, legs and core.Enter your text here...

How to do it

Allow these movements to flow as you become familiar with throwing and grabbing the ball. Set out with a light ball and gradually increase the weight of the ball.

The exercises

  • Static lunge with side pass: In a stationary lunge position, bend your body and throw the ball at the wall. Do this again in 30 seconds with one side before altering the side.
  • Wall ball throws: Grab the ball in front of your chest while squatting down. Then rise up and throw the ball up and at the wall. After it bounces off the wall, graspit while keeping the straight-up position. Do the movement again.
  • Sit up with throw: Grab a ball with stretched arm above your head and sit up. Then stand up, throw the ball at the wall. Grasp the ball when in a straight-up position and then do it again.
  • Shoulder taps with exercise ball: Put the med ball in front of you, pat it with your alternating hands while in a plank posture. 
  • Russian twist: Hold the ball ahead of you while keeping a semi-sit up posture with your legs up or on the floor. Bend your torso to your alternating sides while still keeping the ball in hands.
  • Medicine ball slams: Grab the ball with hands. While squatting down from a straight-up position, move it up overhead; then throw the ball against a mat. This will help you reduce stress and strengthen your tushie.

If you properly follow our above guidance, we believe that you can improve your health as well as better recovering from diseases.

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