Exercise for office workers

Simple exercise for desk-workers

Office-based work is a burden in itself, in that not only you have a face with tight deadlines, deal with overbearing boss, but you also run the risk of serious health problems. Desk- workers usually have to spend hours sitting at the desk in slouching posture for hours. Therefore, the number of desk-workers reportedly complaining of having back and shoulder pain is ever increasing by such a margin that it is now considered an epidemic of workplace.

This epidemic is caused by poor sitting posture of workers and the fact that they have to sit in such improper manner for hours on end. Thus, enormous strain is put on our spine having to support our body in one stance for too long. Therefore, desk workers are advised to be active even when they are restricted to their cubicles. Here are some simple exercises for office staffs, all of which are performed when sitting.

1. Lateral neck rotation: sit upright, turn your head left and right, hold for three second each turn, and repeat 10 more times.

Fitnesseq.com - Exercise for office workers - Exercise for office workers

2. Shoulder shrugs: raise and then lower your shoulder without compressing your neck, repeat 10 times.

Fitnesseq.com - Exercise for office workers - Shoulder shrugs

3. Seated calf raises: slowly raise your heels, and lower on the count of three, repeat 10 times.

Fitnesseq.com - Exercise for office workers - Seated calf raises

4. Resisted arm curls: cross your arms, raise your lower arms against the downward pressure of top arms, hold for three second before returning to the start position and swapping arms, repeat 10 times each arm.

5. Wrist rolling: place your arms by your side, then bend your hand towards your body, do this exercise 10 times

6. Hand/finger exercise: put an elastic band around fingers and your thumb, stretch it by spreading your fingers apart then release, avoid overdoing it, repeat 10 times.

Fitnesseq.com - Exercise for office workers - Handfinger exercise

7. Forward bend: bend forward, then relax, let your head and arms hang over your knee, hold for few minutes before rising up, remember to breathe in slowly in the progress

Fitnesseq.com - Exercise for office workers - Forward bend

8. Spinal twist: face forward, move your left hand to the side of your right thigh, your right to the back of the chair, then twist to the right while turning your head, hold for a while before returning to the start position, repeat on the opposite side.

9. Side stretch: face forward, legs slightly a part, raise your arms on your sides horizontally parallel to the ground, then twist to the left so that your right hand could touch the ground while the other points to the ceiling.

10. Knee squeeze: place both hands around your left knee then gradually pull it towards your head, release after a few seconds, repeat with your right knee.

11. Leg lift: hold the chair then lift your left leg but avoid bending it, your foot perpendicular to the ground, hold before lowering; the same goes for your right leg.

12. Sun pose: raise your arms over your head, then bend forward between your legs, preferably with your hand on the ground, hole before rising back up.

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