Facial masks from food

Facial masks from food- fitnesseq.com

Despite being dispensable in the skincare procedure, facial mask could still be included to ensure that your skin is best treated. Facial mask is an on-the-spot mode of skincare which is aimed to provide necessary nourishment for your skin. Of course, you could easily find packaged facial ►masks in any cosmetic shops.

However, to save you from the headache of choosing from a variety of products coming in different types (►cream, paper, gel etc.) and ingredients, how about going for homemade facial masks by taking advantage of readily available food in the market. Here are some of the food suggested for making do-it-yourself facial masks.

1. Honey

Thanks to it antibacterial property, honey could suck out oil and impurities from your skin, and hence prevent acnes. Also, honey is of great help in retaining moisture; therefore, those with dry and chapped skin could look to honey as a treatment.

Honey-Facial masks from food- fitnesseq.com

You could warm up a small pot of honey at low heat, then put on your skinwhen it has cooled down to applicable temperature. Leave for 15 minutes before wash off the face mask with cool water. Then you should wake up the next day with a softer and more glowing skin.

2. Strawberry

Anti-oxidant ellagic acid found in strawberry could not only prevent wrinkle formation by impeding collagen deterioration but also ward off detrimental UV rays thanks to its photoprotective effect. Added to that, strawberry is particularly rich in vitamin C which helps get rid of excess oil in your skin, and thus prevents acnes and dark spot. Other types of berries such as cranberries or blueberries have similar skin-friendly feature, therefore could be used as a replacement.

Strawberry-Facial masks from food- fitnesseq.com

You could blend frozen strawberry with yogurt, and honey to make a facial mask. Apply once or twice every week.

3. Yogurt

Mix a cup of plain yogurt with olive oil and honey could turn this otherwise yummy desert into an excellent skincare product which remove blemishes andprevent wrinkle thanks to its lactic acid.

4. Green tea

Green tea-Facial masks from food- fitnesseq.com

Should your skin be puffy, reddened and show signs of early aging, then a green tea facial mask offers a perfect treatment because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attribute. You could make used of used tea bags or mix green tea with yogurt or avocado.

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