Five Wonderful Gadgets for a Better Sleep

Sleep plays an essential role in our life. Getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep can improve your mental and physical health, treat the injuries caused during the time you are awake.

However, many peopledo not have enough sleep, stay up and get up very late, which are unscientific and can cause great harms to your health. Whereas no gadgets can make you fall asleep immediately, a multitude of devices can help you get into sleep easier. Below, I am going to introduce five of them.

1. Withings Aura

Withings-Aura -

Withings Aura works like a smart alarm clock which gives the energy to you with a combination of lights and soothing music to help you wake up comfortably. At night, it also presents you with perfect color patterns, encouraging the discharge of sleep hormones. It also offers soothing sound that has been designed to help you get into sleep again if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night.

2. FitSleep

FitSleep is a sleep monitor which functions with alpha waves to help you get into sleep faster and easier. Thistinytracking gadgetcan be put right next to your pillow,precisely measuring your heart rate, respiratory rates and track your body movements and sleeping postures.

FitSleep also speeds up the transition from light sleep to deep sleep by discharging 0-13Hzwaves. Strange as it might seem, most consumers have stated that they fall asleep easily and more quickly than when not using this device.Its application can also help wake you up at the ideal time for your body’s state.

3. Sleep Shepherd

You can wear a Sleep Shepherd throughout your sleep as it operates with your brain to calm things down and help you sleep better. In addition to helping you get into deeper sleep than traditional methods, Sleep Shepherd tracks whether you sleep well or not and produces a feedback to make sure that in the next morning, you can check your sleep last night. Its smart alarm clock can wake you up by degrees at the fixed time, helping you develop a good habit of going to bed and getting up at a right time.

4. Nuyu Sleep System

Nuyu Sleep System

Nuyu’s Sleep System is similar to an electric blanket, but more than that. Lying under your mattress, this gadget makes sure that your bed temperature is always moderate and appropriate for your body. Firstly, it helps you get into sleep naturally by warming the mattress up a little bit then cools down during your sleep before warming up once again to help you get up more easily the next morning. It is common knowledge that temperature has a profound effect on the quality of sleep; therefore, by monitoring your temperature, it can be an optimal device for those who have temperature problems during their sleep.

5. Bedjet Dual Zone

This device is comparable to an air-conditioner, but placed in your bed rather than hung on the wall. It controls the temperature of the whole bed, which means that if you favor warm weather whereas your partner prefers the cold, it can satisfy both of you. You do not need to use up to two mattresses because Bedjet can be easily equipped to the two sides of your mattress. The temperature can be adjusted like the way you adjust the volume on a television. It is also equipped with an air filter to make sure that there is no dust in your mattress.

In conclusion, these aforementioned gadgets help you gradually and pleasantly get into sleep rather thanforce you to sleep instantly.There is no need to use all of them for a better sleep but you should try one or two devices; we are sure that you can overcome your sleeplessness and enjoy a good quality sleep. It is time you got rid of all your stress and treated yourself well with sufficient quality sleep, which is one of the best ways to keep fit and stay healthy.

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