Genie Hour Glass Reviews 2020

It’s never been easier to look 2 sizes smaller in a jiffy and to get that lovely 36-24-36 figure in a matter of moments. Genie Hour Glass declares that their waist trainer can perform this magic and they claim that the longer you use it the more it works. Even after it’s been taken off.

The benefits of the Genie Hour Glass are many. Reduction of the waistline, well-defined curves, no ugly bulges and added to this are the support given by this product to get a well-toned and strong back.

How is this possible, one might ask? The manufacturers assert this is due to the technology they like to call Double Compression Waist Training. This technology works on a two-way premise. One is that the compression shaper is worn around the upper body with bands that can be adjusted according to the wearers liking.

These benefits could have a customer hasten to buy this product but it’s always better to know the answers to the FAQs.

Reviews About the Genie Hour Glass?

Genie Hour Glass Reviews1

As this product is new and was launched online recently there was no customer feedback at the time of this research.

The manufacturers of the Genie Hour Glass, Tristar Products, also produce several other products under the brand name of Genie and the users of these products gave Tristar an average rating of 1.5 stars. The frequent complaints being lack of quality, unsatisfactory customer service and the most common complaint of results not matching what was propagated.

Genie Hour Glass Refund Policy

Available in sizes that range from S to 4X, it would be wise to check the size chart prior to ordering any product online.

The product comes with a 60-day refund policy after deducting the Service and Handling charges. This is a common practice among ASOTV sellers and one must be prepared to lose on the S and H charges if one is dissatisfied with the product.

Customer service can be contacted at 973-287-5133 for a refund of the Genie Hour Glass product.

An Envy-Worthy Figure with Genie Hour Glass?

Genie Hour Glass Reviews

A slimmer, sleek look can be achieved when wearing the product but how at-ease one is wearing it under the clothes remains a mystery.

Remember, that only while wearing it will it work and the film star figure will disappear when not worn. The adverse effect on one’s health is also to be remembered including the fact that one will not lose weight using this waist trainer.

The creators of this product clearly say that their product will help in looking slimmer but will not help in reduction of weight or in size. To achieve this one has to follow a strict eating regime and have an exercise regime in place.

An end note: The Genie Hour Glass is a good choice only if looking slim temporarily is enough for you. For a more permanent result, only aerobic activities and a diet regime will help.

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How effective is waist Training?

The secret to the flat abs of actresses post having a baby is the use of a corset. Jessica Alba is one, and she swears by its benefits. Apparently, the wearing of this enables the waist to maintain a shape that gives a slimmer look hereby making it effective. The long term use of the corset can also be termed as Training the waist.

Point to be kept in mind is that only the constant use of the corset will give a trim and slim look. This means going through the extreme measure of wearing the same round the clock. Or else the slim look will last only as long as the garment is worn.

The longer it is worn the better one looks is the claim of a model who features in an advertisement of the product. However, this is not something the makers of the garment guarantee openly.

It is better to be forewarned that the midriff will return to its original measurements once the belt is taken off.

Is this just a trend?

It is common for creators to make quick money when there is a rage for a product despite the fact that there no proof for the effectiveness of the method.

To cash in on this trend, manufacturers have created several other garments mimicking each other even though none of them has produced better results than the Genie Hourglass. A consumer, however, has various choices. Among these being The V-Shape Trainer Belt, Hot Belt, Tummy Tuck Belt, and the Xtreme Power Belt.

Negative aspects of Waist Training?

Even though waist training is in vogue despite the fact there is no weight loss involved, medical experts say that there are adverse effects.

Read on to know why.

Simply put, these garments are just updated versions of the basic corset and through the method of constraint, they appear to reduce the size of the torso and also appear to lengthen the area between the hip and the waist.

This constriction results in showing a slimmer effect but it can also cause several health side effects:

Improper breathing, infections of the lung, shortness of breath that could lead to losing consciousness and also a metabolic decrease. If the garment is too tight it can cause harm to the ribs. The stomach also can be affected causing dwindling digestive functions.

Organs like the liver, spleen, and kidneys can be adversely affected by the usage of a trainer that is too tight on the waist. As a result of this, the skin also loses its glow and radiance.

The corset may give support to the center of the body but in the long run, it leads to loss of core strength due to continued constriction.

 Are there any Positives?

Of course. Just the fact that if you want to look your best for a party for a social occasion, a trainer is the best thing for you. However, in the long run, the adverse effects are more.

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