Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

Are you a frequent gym goer? If yes, you are likely to catch sight of weight rooms with a lot of people going there in the hope of enjoying better health. Weightlifting is a kind of exercise in which people work out by lifting heavy objects to become stronger.

Nowadays, weightlifting has become so popular with people that not only bodybuilders or professional fitness trainers but also normal people can derive numerous benefits from it.

This article is going to discover some of the outstanding health benefits of lifting weights.

1. Longer life expectancy

Whereas almost all forms of exercise can help you live longer, lifting weights has remarkable benefits. As revealed by the 2014 study conducted by UCLA, when getting older, the moremuscle mass your body has, the longer your life expectancy is. In this case, complementing our exercise routine with regular weightlifting is an ideal option because it is one of the most useful exercise to increase our muscle mass.

Moreover, weightlifting will help to decelerate the process of muscleloss, which starts when you are 20 years old and seems to accelerate as you age.

2. Bone Protection

Weightlifting is considered to be one of the most optimal forms of exercise to control loss of bone mass. Your muscles adjust to the tension of weightlifting and become bigger and stronger; likewise, your bones also adapt to this stress. During long periods of being exposed to stress, your body will create more bone.

Therefore, weightlifting can increase bone density, decrease the threat of fractures and bone breaks among adults, especially women who are generally more vulnerable to osteoporosis than men.

Benefits of Lifting Weights

Benefits of Lifting Weights

3. Posture and balance enhancement

Lifting weights helps reinforce your core muscles which support your spine and some other muscles except from the main muscles. Those muscles reduce the discomfort and backache and repair some damage suffered when you sit for long periods of time. They can also keep you upright, support your daily activities and help avoid falling.

4. Prevention against diseases

Weightlifting can help lower your blood pressure in the long run. Not only can you create more beautiful muscles but you can also stimulate more blood into the muscles.

When your muscles become stronger, it will be easier for them to contract and your heart does not have to work hard. This help reduce the blood pressure and your heart can have a rest. Nevertheless, while you are in the middle of weightlifting, your blood pressure can sometimes increase. Therefore, people with unstable blood pressure should consult with their doctor before start lifting weights.

Furthermore, it helps regulate blood sugar, hence reducing the risks of diabetes. As when you are lifting weights, you are burning a great number of calories and losing fatso obesity can be prevented.What’s more, when you do weightlifting, your blood flows more smoothly. As a result, your heart can become healthier, which puts you at lower risks of cardiovascular diseases.

5. Better quality of life

Like any other forms of exercises, we cannot forget the emotional benefits lifting weights. Weightlifting helps improves your body shape and give you a more attractive appearance so that you can be more confident with yourself. A break from our paper work with some weightlifting is a good way to have a fresh mind and reduce stress and depression.

To conclude, lifting weights offers a wide variety of benefits to human health, both mentally and physically. Whether lifting weights is really beneficial or nor depends a lot on how we do it. If done properly, it can be made full use of; however, if incorrectly, it is counterproductive or can even damage our health. Therefore, be careful when doing weightlifting so that you can become a healthier, happier and more attractive person.

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