Health Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

Health Benefits of Being a Vegetarian 3

A vegetarian is a person who refrains from eating food products that originates from animals such as meat and fish. Being a vegetarian also means not killing animals. Some people may assume that only people who follow a region practices vegetarianism; nonetheless, nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular for average people thanks to its numerous benefits. This article is going to focus on health benefits of being a vegetarian, both physically and mentally.

Physical benefits

1. Low risk of heart disease

As revealed by the JCU University Skin Cancer Research Clinic, there exists a connection between vegetarianism and reduced risk of heart disease. The reason is that a vegetarian consumes a high quantity of antioxidant foods. Antioxidants are molecules which decrease the negative effect of oxidative pressure.According to a 2013 study of 44,000 people, vegetarians were 32% less likely to contract ischemic heart disease.

Health Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

Health Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

2. Decreased risk of diabetes

It has been shown in a number of studies that people who eat a vegetarian diet are less likely to be inflicted with diabetes. For example, as reported by George Washington University School of Medicine, a vegetarian diet can decrease the risk of diabetes by half. Once a person has suffered from diabetes, such diet is unable to get rid of the disease; nevertheless, it can help patients control their weight and sugar levels in blood.

3. Low Cholesterol levels

Eating too much fat from animals is unbeneficial to human health. You will not be surprised to know that you will get rid of the negative impacts that animal fat has on your health if you cut back on animal fat in your diet. After studying the influences of a vegetarian diet on a long term basis, Korean researchers found that vegetarians have lower body fat and cholesterol levelsin blood than omnivores.

4. Controlled weight

Generally, vegetarians have a tendency to have much more choosy and careful eating habits and far less likely to choose foods depending on moods, both of which are the most common reasons for obesity. Some statistics indicate that people who maintain a vegetarian diet are better at losing weight and keeping a healthy weight for a long period of time.

Health Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

Mental benefits

1. Healthier mind

From the abovementioned information, you have understood how a vegetarian diet can improve human physical health. It is common knowledge that themind and the body are interconnected. When you have a healthy body, you definitely have a healthier and fresher mind, you can concentrate more on your work and perform more efficiently.

2. Feeling happier

It has been shown by researches that when you do kind things, you can become happier and vegetarian is a typical expression of a humane lifestyle. When you eat foods made from plants instead of those from animals, you are trying to reduce the sufferings of innocent animals which, otherwise, have been slaughtered for your own benefits.

Bear in mind that a vegetarian diet is no risk-free. Many dieticians have associated it with nutrition deficiencies. If vegetarians does not pay enough attention to the nutrients they need, a vegetarian diet can contain too much calories but lack other necessary nutrientssuch as protein, fat, calcium and zinc due to the lack of variety of a vegetarian diet. Consequently, they can suffer from malnutrition, which can cause health problems.

In conclusion, being a vegetarian is both physically and mentally beneficial.If you decides to follow this eating habit, you have to study how to build a diet which excludes products from animals but still provide you with sufficient nutrients so that this diet can fulfill its function.

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