How to keep work out in winter ?

It is common belief that we are liable to weight gain in winter than in other seasons. This is actually not the case unless you allow it to be.

There is more than one cause behind winter weight gain. First and foremost, during winter time, your desire for food are most likely to become stronger than usual. Most common explanation is that we need to eat more in order to stay warm. However, in actual fact, our body’s core temperature is maintained quite tightly even in winter. Scientists put the situation down to shortened daylight hourstriggering the production of melatonin which is suspected to cause increased hunger.

In addition, this gloominess of winter could easily affect our mood. When it’s cold, dark and wet, we tend to become low-spirited, and subsequently make ratherunwholesome food choices. To be more specific, during winter, we often crave for fattier food with high sugar content, or comfort foods such as sweets or cakes. The most significant reason yet is that in winter, people may easily yield before the temptation of their cozy bed, and consequently put their exercise routine on hold.

Here are some tips that could help you to keep winter weight gain at bay.

Of course, it is hard to leave the warmth of your house behind to go outside into the coldness of the season. However, you are highly recommended to do so because the refreshing cold air is thought to be able to clear your mind and alleviate stress, which goes a long way towards weight loss. To dispel any hesitation you might have of going out exercising during winter, we suggest taking 10 minutes for a warm-up exercise which could be simple and less energy-intensive aerobic exercise such as jogging in place, or jumping jacks. In so doing, you could better brace yourself for the coldness outside. It might take you some time to turn this into a daily routine when you are no longer bothered by the ►freezing temperature.

How to keep work out in winter

How to keep work out in winter?

Gym is always an option if you want to work out in a well-heated facility. Nevertheless, getting to the gym from either your home is proved to be an enormous challenge especially in winter when your dedication and determination could easily be extinguished by the biting wind. Hence, it is important that you have your own ►exercise equipment at home such as a stair climber, a stationary bike, a treadmill or simply exercise videos. In this way, you could burn tons of calories without having to go out.

It’s ok to reduce your number of days you work out, but try to maintain to the intensity. For example, in spring and summer, you run and cycle 40 minutes a day throughout the week; then, in winter, you are allowed to reduce to four or two days a week, but advised to uphold this 40-minute regimen.

In winter, you may find it hard to resist the temptation of sugary and ►fatty food items, the consumption of which will increase the amount of white fat in your body. Unlike brown fat which burns calories to keep our body warm, white fat is associated with fat storage which is responsible for weight gain. Therefore, you are encouraged to refrain from these food, and instead eat fresh seasonal produce. Most winter produce are rich in fiber which slows digestion and hence gives you a sense of fullness. Also, instead of frying, trying making stews or soups.

Should you still find it hard to leave the couch and work out in winter, then call your friends and plan a ►workout routine together.Their support could keep you motivated and active.

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