Miss Belt Reviews 2020

miss belt reviews

Miss Belt Features

Miss Belt is like a garment that is worn on the waist. It helps reshape your midsection in no time to give you a perfect and reduced waistline.Miss Belt will reduce the waist size by 2 inches through its compression technology that will help you get an hourglass shape and also gives great support to the back at work, be it while just relaxing in the house or exercising.

Miss Belt Functions

Miss Belt is a belt that has Velcro. This enables your midsection to be compressed.  They are popularly known as ‘waist trainers’. All thanks to Kim Kardashian who made the waist trainers very famous. When you wear the belt, you have to put it around your waist using the straps, and tighten it as per the body size requirement using the other straps.

Miss Belt is said to have helped top models in getting the perfect shape. It is different from other available shape wears with its adjustable feature which allows you to tighten or loosen as per requirement. They say that on wearing it, you will have a better body posture, look slimmer, feel sexier and also it will not be visible from beneath your clothes. They also assure that it can be worn to work by you, home or anywhere you wish to go flaunting a little slimmer waistline.

Does Miss Belt Help To Reduce Weight?

Firstly, though the fine print is seen on the infomercial and website state that it causes no permanent results and doesn’t help in losing weight, we would like to throw light on a few more things.

When you do wear Miss Belt, do it only for shorter periods and don’t tighten it too much. It is perfectly fine if it slims your waistline and makes you feel sexier for a day.

However, such devices can be hazardous to your health if used over a long period of time. You could have breathing problems, the ribs could get bruised, or you could even pass out while doing your workout.

In simple words, you could injure yourself by wearing this waist trainer which is not like the corsets of the 1800s that trained the waistline to slim down. If you really would like to lose weight permanently so you look thinner by 2 sizes, we would recommend you talk to your doctor and learn about a good workout plan minus the use of waist trainers or cinchers and also find out about having a healthy diet.

Does Miss Belt Really Benefit?

If you want to have a perfect look by having a flat stomach and also an hourglass shape, Miss Belt may be able to help you. Many find it the best substitute for rigorous body taxing exercises and starvation in order to lose some fat on the tummy area.

miss belt reviews

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Miss Belt is basically a modern corset as per today’s times. It is designed to tuck in the abdomen and waist so it looks flat and helps shape the waistline.

The Claim

The company claims Miss Belt to have the best compression technology that will make you look slimmer on wearing it. They also say that makes the tummy look flatter and the waistline thinner.

The Hype

For those struggling to achieve a flat tummy or a reduced sized waist using all other methods, Miss Belt comes to their rescue. Apart from giving a slimmer look it also gives great support to the back.

You have to get used to wearing it regularly without fail. This will not be difficult as the results it will give you will impress you and make you wear it religiously.


There are many other similar products like Miss Belt in the market today. Please note Miss Belt doesn’t promote weight loss.  The more expensive Tummy Tuck Belt helps reduce the waist size and melt the tummy fat.

We will give Miss Belt a Try/Buy rating. Many women are unable to achieve a satisfying slimmer waist size that could make them feel confident and sexier. This frustrates them when they find out that on wearing an outfit, it is too tight or not making them look slimmer. Miss Belt here in such situations can come to their rescue and it is very affordable from the price point of view.

Our Recommendation

Though the company says that Miss Belt is very comfortable, one must know that the body will take time to adjust. At first, anyone will feel little uneasy or strange when they wear the belt as it will compress the tummy. You will need to wear it in such a way that you adjust it to your body comfort level. It will be tempting to cinch yourself a little more to look fitter and prettier, but this will only make you uncomfortable.Do also note that Miss Belt doesn’t promote weight loss or fat burning. And still, you will come across many that do this by saying that the belts will cause reduction of a few inches because it will make you sweat and burn the extra fat.

Check the price on Amazon

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