Plus size waist trainers

Plus size waist trainers

For 350 years, corset was adoptedby French women as a way to hide their waist thickness and to support their back and posture following the ban on “thick-waist” at court attendance imposed by the wife of King Henry II of France. Only later was it discovered that by wearing a corset for an extended period of time, you could have the natural waist size eventually reduced. Therefore, corset was brought into new use of attaining an hourglass body. And now it comes in different materials and sizes, and is made into a type of waist clincher or waist trainer.

Waist clinchers are customized for each waist size group. Plus-size waist trainers is applied to group whose waistline is ranging from 31 to 41 inches. Initially, plus-size is not the target of waist trainer brands, but in fact plus-sizes are often sold faster.

Plus size waist trainers

But for results to be shown, you need see to it that you have the right waist trainer. One of the most important factors you have to take into consideration before buying a clincher is your body figure. If your waist trainer is too big, no benefits will be reaped, but if it is too small, your breathing will be obstructed and even serious bodily disfigure. You are recommended to take measurement of your waistlineand your weight before and after having breakfast.

Added to that, you need to pay attention to the boning of the waist training. There are two types of boning available, that is, steel and plastic; choose one that fits your preference and budget. Last but not least, you could never ignore products reviews which helps you to arrive at the best purchase decision. And following are reviews on 5 best plus size waist trainers for your reference.

1. Lover-Beauty women’s underbust corset waist training cincher

Lover-Beauty women’s underbust corset waist training cincher

Once put on, you will see your waistline a few sizes down, and your curves clearly shown. In term of material, this trainer is 96% cotton, 100% latex and 4% spandex. Cotton makes the trainer softer and smoother, dispelling any reservation that tight squeeze of latex will cause discomfort. This composition also makes the trainer able to stand up to normal wear and tear. 9 pieces of spiral steel bones will not only keep you in a good posturebut also fully support your breasts. This waist clincher is available from size XXS to 6XL.

2. Manladi Neoprene Sauna Suit Tank Top Vest Waist Trimmer

Manladi Neoprene Sauna Suit Tank Top Vest Waist Trimmerc

Buy one but get three instead. This vest itself is a sports bra, a waist trainer and a waist trimmer. Phone, mp3 player or any handheld devices could be kept in an interior pocket. It offers a high level of compression, which is really helpful in slimming and shaping your waist, keeping in your tummy, and not to mention, correcting your posture. Also, since the waistband is adjustable, this vest could fit women of most sizes, long and short torso alike. You could put on this vest during workouts because it is light in weight and could help you to sweat more. Waist trainers of this type are available from XS to 3XL. In order to choose the right one, you need to measure your bust in addition to your waistline.

3. Gititlys latex underbust waist training corset

Gititlys latex underbust waist training corset

100% outer natural latex rubber, together with 9 pieces spiral supports, makes this corset durable and flexible. Because of their flexibility, feel free to wear it while practicing yoga. The cotton liners enable better sweat absorption during intensive workout. Putting on this corset, you will have under bust lifted, tummy kept in place, and even weight lost.

4. Camellias women’s 26 steel boned heavy-duty waist trainer corset

Cammellias women’s 26 steel boned heavy-duty waist trainer corset

The corset is made up of 26 steel boning: 4 rigid steel supporting the back, 20 spiral steel bones, and another 2 steel bars at the front. Hence, it is very sturdy, a feature which is highly welcomed by women with curvy body. Camellias 26 comprises 3 layers. The 2 inner layers is high quality cotton while the outer is made from satin; therefore, not only is the corset certain to give you utmost comfort when wearing but it also makes a perfect accessory for its luxurious appearance. 

The corset is best used for back support, body shaping, waist slimming and training. Remember to choose the right size for you in order to get the most out of this waist trainer. The correct size should be three to four inches smaller than your natural waistline.

The only drawback is that it could restrain you from moving comfortably.

5. Flexees, Maidenform flexees women’s shapewear

Flexees, Maidenform flexes women’s shapewear

Made from 80% nylon and 20% elastane, the shapewear offers good compression, guaranteeing the hourglass body you are looking for. A new feature in this waist trainer is the strap extension, which helps put the trainer in its place. However, those who are not familiar with the strap might find it a bit uncomfortable. Added to that, since there are no hard bones, feel free to hand wash it. The most loved pro of this shapewear is the comfort and freedom of movement it offers.

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