Post Pregnancy Waist training: A Myth or Necessity

Post Pregnancy Waist training A Myth or Necessity
Post Pregnancy Waist training A Myth or Necessity

Post Pregnancy Waist training

After giving birth to the first baby, the new mothers often worried about their baby-pooch. They want to fit their old jeans by losing post-baby tummies. It is not easy to lose postpartum belly and get your old body back. Some methods are available for new mothers to lose weight and waist training is one of them. Waist training involves wrapping the midsection with a corset made of latex material. This supportive band is designed with Velcro or hooks to trim your tummy through thermogenic and light compression. Waist training is an old tradition of the Victorian era when females use tight bands with hooks to shape their body.

Recommendations for Waist Training

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to use waist trainer for almost 2 – 3 hours in a day. Gradually increase the frequency of your use and move up to almost 8 hours in a primarilyearly 1 to 2 weeks, after pregnancy. You can use good results within 4 to 6 months of its use.

How does waist training affect body post pregnancy

How does waist training affect body post pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your baby stays inside your pooch, and your body face numerous dramatic changes. Some changes occur in your tissues and muscles to provide nutrition and shelter to the growing baby. An important hormone “linea alba” causes an increase the tendency of tissues to absorb more water to provide essential nutrients to the infant in the womb. As a result, an upsurge in water absorption escalates the elasticity of linea alba. The tissues stretch in both directions, and it increases the waistline by 20 inches.

The abs “rectus abdominis” undergoes some major changes. The increase in the width of linea alba will increase the length of rectus abdominis. These two muscles band lay beside each other before pregnancy and stretch away during pregnancy to increase the size of the uterus. All these changes can increase your waistline and the waist training can be a good choice for you to speed up the easy joining of rectus abdominis muscles. With the help of waist trainer :​

  • You can change the shape of your body for a sudden event
  • Waist trainer can support your saggy belly and increase your physical and mental confidence.
  • Before going to a party, wear waist trainer under your clothes and get a good shape temporarily.

Waist trainer is flexible enough to allow your skin to take breathe. It has a flexible and internal boning that prevents its up and down movements. The inner layer is designed with pure cotton. The outer layer of waist trainer is made of natural rubber. This training is good to improve your posture and make your skin tight.

Why do you need waist training after pregnancy ?

​Pregnancy can make belly muscles flexible and weaker. You can start wearing it after 2 weeks of giving birth. After wearing corset for only 2 months, you will be able to notice some incredible results. Waist cinchers have shorter under burst coaster as compared to you.

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