Proper Weightlifting: What to Do and Not to Do ?

To do weightlifting (or to lift weights) is to work out by lifting heavy objects (such as barbells) so as to gain strength. It is not a must for you to be a bodybuilder or a professional fitness trainer to derive the enormous benefits from weightlifting. If done properly, lifting weights can motivate your fat-losing process, strength enhancement and muscle strengthening.

However, if done improperly, weightlifting can be counterproductive, which means that it not only does not offers you the benefits but also does harm to your body.

This article will provide you with some tips on how to do weightlifting correctly to make the most of this beneficial kind of exercise and point out some of the things you should avoid when lifting weights to prevent injuries.


1. Do a warm-up before getting started

A lot of people tend to forget this step, but it is very important because it will provide your bloodstream and muscles with much more oxygen. Furthermore, it willdiminish or even helpyou avoid pains after workout.

2. Choose a suitable weight for your body

You should start weightlifting with a weight which you can lift 12-15 times without much difficulty. Over time, when you get stronger and familiar with each weight level, you can raise the weight by degrees.

3. Lift gently

Do not rush in weightlifting. Instead of lifting fast and carelessly, which can cause injuries to your body and turns out to be a waste of time, you should do fewer repetitions gradually and steadily to maximize the benefits of weightlifting.

4. Maintain the correct form

The results of your weightlifting depends a lot on whether your form is correct or not. If you have difficulty in keeping the correct form, try reducing the weight or the times you are lifting. Furthermore, bear in mind that proper form is also required when you raise and replace your weights on the weight racks. In the case of being not sure about how to do a weightlifting exercise properly, you should ask a professional trainer for advice.

5. Breathe properly

People have a tendency to hold their breath when doing the weightlifting. However, you should definitely breathe out when lifting the weight and breathe in when lowering the weight.

Proper Weightlifting: What to Do and Not to Do ?

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1. Be hungry or full when lifting weights

Ensure that you have not eaten 50 minutes prior to the workout; otherwise, you will suffer from cramp. However, you should not work out with an empty stomach or else you will not have the energy and soon end up being exhausted.

2. Overdo

Listen to your body! You should not put yourself to the limit when doing any forms of exercise; weightlifting is not an exception. A high percentage of injuries caused when doing weightlifting is due to people overdoing.

3. Neglect pains

If you feel painful when lifting weights, stop it immediately. Try redoing it after a few days of resting or with a lower level.

4. Forget wearing shoes

Since doing weightlifting requires mainly the strength of arms, people tend to forget wearing shoes. In fact, shoes play an important role in protecting your feet and providing a good lifting force. Moreover, a high quality pair of shoes can also prevent slipping and injuries as you are doing weightlifting.


Whether weightlifting is really beneficial or not to your health depends on how you do it. The best course of action for everyone is to follow the aforementioned techniques to take advantage of weightlifting and become an attractive person with a nice body and strong muscles.

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