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How to protect your hair when going to public pools?

How to protect your hair when going to public pools -fitnesseq.com

Swimming is a good practice that is highly recommended by fitness trainers and health enthusiasts alike. An intensive 30-minute swimming is expected to burn up to 200 calories; not to mention, you could derive relaxation out of this exercise. However, many people are not too keen on swimming at the pool out of consideration for their hair.

Pool water essentially contains chlorine which reduces bacteria buildup and at the same time takes a heavy toll on your hair. Chlorine is said to cause your hair to go dry, brittle and even green. Therefore, you need to ward your hair off the risk of being damaged by following these tricks.

First, before plunging into the swimming pool, you should take the shower so as to get your hair wet from root to tip. Bear in mind that hair is hollow in structure; therefore, it allows entrance of chlorinated pool water which deprives hair of its lubricant, or sebum. But if your hair is wet already, the amount of chlorine entering your hair shaft will be limited, and damage will be less substantial accordingly.

You could treat your hair with some condition or oil. These substances will keep in the moisture and act as a barrier against chlorine.

How to protect your hair when going to public pools - fitnesseq.com

If possible, you could try putting on a swim cap. A swim cap will fit your head tightly and keep your hair dry while splashing around the pool. Should the cap pull out your hair out at its root when taking off, then tie your hair in bun, and secure the bun with pin and elastic ban. You could apply gel for loose hair strands. Though it could be uncomfortable at first, a swim cap could save you the trouble of going through complicated hair maintenance procedure.

Once you’ve done swimming, rinse your hair to wash away chlorine. Should your hair still get dry, you could remove the residual chlorine with clarifying shampoo and apply lots of hair conditioner so as to boost moisture. Apple cider vinegar could be used as a replacement for shampoo and conditioner.

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