Simple exercises to conquer sleepiness while working

Simple exercises to conquer sleepiness while working

Almost everyone likes to sleep. Sleep alleviates stress, clears our mind of negative thoughts and renew our strength. After an exhausted day at work, more often than not, sleepiness hits us and there is nothing we want more than lying on a bed. 

However, drowsiness could strike anytime not just when we are tired. It is troubling if it happens during work hours which is, by the way, a problem experienced by most of us.

A cup of coffee is not always of much help; not to mention, over-reliance on it is harmful for our health. So, why not try out these simple exercises which are promised to fight off your sleepiness.

Simple exercises to conquer sleepiness while working

First off, the simplest thing you could do is to walk around for a while. People tend to feel bored and worn out when sitting at the same place for too long. On the contrary, strolling around the office will lift up your spirit, and give you the energy you need for work.

Preferably, you should go out of the office to take in some fresh air which will relax your mind even better. Listening music while walking, especially energetic genres such as hip hop, is proved to put your mind into full consciousness.

Simple exercises to conquer sleepiness while working

Should you not feel like standing, do a 5-minute meditation. Many people may think meditation would make them doze off faster. But in fact, it is the best way to refresh your mind, and energize your body.

Thanks to meditation, your breath is facilitated and maximized, which helps blood circulation and hence allows you to stay alert and focus.

weight lifting

Another exercise you should try is doing weight lifting. Lifting weight burns calories, and as calories are burnt, your body will be re-energized, and hence, you will feel ready to take on work.

You could prepare your own dumbbells or just simply grab a bottle of water, and lift it for ten or fifteen times.

These are just some simple exercises you might find helpful in combating drowsiness during work hours. But attend to your eating as well. Do not rely too much on coffee and tea, but instead take in some vitamin C which is known to be an energy booster via drinks such as lime juice. Above all, see to it that you get enough sleep per day.

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