Slim Belt Review in 2020


FREE Bonus: Consists of carrying bag which is breathable and also has our bestseller the Sweet Sweat Gel sample. For maximum results, you need to use the Trimmer along with the Sweet Sweat.

FLEXES & CONTOURED SO THAT YOU GET A CUSTOM FIT: It is flexible and hence adjusts as per your body shape and size and fits perfectly on the waist while exercising. A  Waist Trimmer should not be worn too tight but loose enough to allow the motion to carry out the workouts.

PREMIUM QUALITY: It is made using latex-free, extra thick Neoprene for a better sweating experience. And one need not worry cause of the excessive sweat as the inner lining of the Waist Trimmer’s grid will limit bunching and slipping during the workouts and also repel any moisture absorption.

By Increasing the core temperature and by keeping the body heat intact thus making you sweat more, Sweat Belt assures to enhance your daily chores and workouts.

The company assures that immediately on wearing the Sweat Belt on the waist area, it will help you look slimmer and leaner because of the compression delivered by the adjustable belt which uses thermo-tech lightweight material. We have also been informed that it will also support and compress the abdominal main muscles and the lower back.

As per the manufacturer, you can wear the Sweat Belt over or under your clothes. Once you are done, you can wash it in the washing machine.

We’ll talk about it more in detail shortly, however, you may already be aware this is not the only product in the market. So how is this Sweat Belt different from the others available in the same category and will it deliver what it promises?

Let’s start by talking or discussing sweat to know more.


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What do you mean by Sweat? Is excessive sweating beneficial?

When the temperature rises above the 98.6° normal temperature, hypothalamus a small part of our brain signals the sweat glands in our skin to start perspiring.

Sweat comprises ammonia, water, urea, sugars, and salts which once gets in contact with air starts evaporating. A little amount of body heat vanishes too along with sweat droplet evaporation.

Sweat glands though are more concentrated near the eyelids, armpits, ears and elsewhere, the entire sweating process can help rebalance the body temperature if you feel very hot.

Sweating helps to flush out salts and cholesterol, release antibiotic agents, unclogging pores, and so on. But will it help in losing a few inches or reduce weight?

Does Sweating Help Reduce Body Weight?

Obviously, the physical activity gets one’s body heated up beyond the normal temperature level and causes sweating and increases the heart rate which in turn increases the metabolism rate. This in combination with a healthy diet can help you lose weight for a longer period of time.

But how can you enhance weight reduction in a particular area of your body?

Will Extra Sweating Help You Lose Weight?

By wearing the Sweat Belt or standing in a room that is very hot, you will only lose the water weight rather and increase your heart rate which in turn affects your metabolism rate.

However, you need to know that upon intake of more water, the lost water weight will return.

Does Spot Fat Loss Actually Help?

One cannot lose weight by sweating all over the body. But will the body lose fat or reduce in inches in a particular region if it were to sweat more there?

There is hardly any strong clinical evidence that supports this fat loss claims.

The Slim belt is a type of waist trimmer and fitness belt that is adjusted and worn on the waist covering the torso. They are said to help in weight reduction of the midsection area by burning the body fat in that region. It is also said that there is a redistribution of water weight from other parts of the body once the waist area loses some water weight.

Though the slimming belt may seem fascinating, there is no clinical evidence to prove it helps in losing weight. We, however, did a little research and found out a slimming belt benefits the body. Have listed a few of them below.

A Slimmer Belt is a fitness belt covering the torso area. It focuses on losing weight in the midsection area by burning the fat if that region.

It also increases sweating during the routine workouts which reduce the water weight though temporarily.

Customers experience:

Shipping was quick and I received an email from the company to check if the product had been received. I normally do not sweat even if the heart rate had to go up. But on wearing the waist trimmer I sweat a lot like never before and this has helped me reduce my weight. I recommend it to all.

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