How to Stick to a Workout Program ?

Stick you to a workout plan

Recently, deteriorating health has become such a great concern of human beings that doing exercise has been more and more popular with modern people. Many people have made their own training program and promised to stick to it as long as they can. However, easier said than done, sticking to a training program is much more difficult than getting started and requires people to have great determination and will power. This article is going to provide you with several tips to help you remainconsistent with your workout plan.

1. Establish your own goal

It is necessary to set a target for yourself; otherwise, you will try to look for the most “convincing” excuses to get away from it. You should be realistic by starting from smaller aims and then moving to bigger aims; or else you would soon be discouraged.

Each time you fulfill one small goal helps ensure that you are going on the right track and offers you the great encouragement to continue with the training program. This is the inherent encouragement that is reinforced by your own desire and seems to be the most efficient tool to stick you to a workout plan. You can also use a training diary to help you record and track your progress. Seeing your own improvements over time can help you remain positive and overcome the obstacles during the workout process.

2. Make your own plan

Stick you to a workout plan 2

Coach Brian Rosetti, a founder of the Run SMART Project commented that “Make sure the plan is personalized", which means that your workout plan must suit yourself: your gender, your age and your current health condition. Do not be too ambitious or envious of others who can do more strenuous exercise than you.

If your workout is too arduous, you will be injured and end up giving up training. On the other hand, if it is too simple, you will soon get bored and will not improve.

3. Do it frequently

For modern people with a lot of tasks and responsibilities, the time spared for doing exercise is usually the first thing to sacrifice, especially when time is limited.

You can avoid this situation by practicing time management skills and neatly organizing things at the beginning of the week. Consider workout equally or even more important than other commitments. In this way, you can turn your workout program into a routine and really consistent with it.

4. Make it enjoyable

While lying on a comfortable armchair and watching TV is always more tempting than spending hours running or lifting weights, you can turn your workout time into an enjoyable experience in two simple ways. Plan - Make enjoyable

Firstly, do the types of exercise you enjoy. This does not mean that you only do the exercise you like and avoid ones you dislike. You should start with the types of exercises that you find interesting and challenging so that they will not bore or put you off.

Another way is to asking some friends to work out with you. Doing exercise in a team can make you more competitive, thus encouraging to try your best. You can also avoid cancelling workout sessions in order not to disappoint your friends.Certainly, the more interested you are in working out, the more loyal you become to it.

In conclusion, while starting a workout plan is very difficult, getting stick to it is even much more difficult. Nevertheless, if you follow our tips provided above, I believe that you will no longer consider exercise to be a task but an enjoyable thing to do and can be a regular and consistent exercise doer.

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