Tammy Hembrow’s Pre-And-After Pregnancy will Persuade You to go to the Gym

Tammy Hembrow’s Pre-And-After Pregnancy will Persuade You to go to the Gym


Who is Tammy Hembrow?

Tammy Hembrow, who has inspired us to go to the gym, is a blogger of fitness, mother of two kids. Her attractive pregnancy and postnatal body figure deserves to receive compliments. You should remember that her fitness achievements today could not be gained overnight.

Tammy is in Queensland, Australia; she has her own Build a Booty and Pregnancy Program fitness guidelines and has more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

In today world with the popularity of Photoshop and filters, she was very successful in making her photos real by narrating her own story and strictly comply with her guidelines in her both pregnancies.

Tammy’s story

Tammy ensured that she would attain her fitness objectives and observe her nutrition system during her pregnancy and did not resist from sharing it on Instagram.

She wrote in her pregnancy program that working out during pregnancy (with your doctor’s consultation) is very necessary for you and your body and helps improve your health both physically and mentally in this important period of time. 

She said that she must not exercise in several weeks after pregnancy; however, she did work out during pregnancy which actually helped her attain today postnatal body figure.

Final words on Tammy’ program

If you are concerned about Tammy’s pregnancy program, do consult your doctor to make sure that the program is suitable for you. Go here to see videos of Tammy’s exercises in and after her pregnancy.

If you still need to be more motivated, read this article to incentivize yourself to start working out.

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