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These Three Alterations to My Lifestyle Helped Me Grow My Buttocks in Only Three Months

Just a few months ago, Gina Florio used to believe that the dream of having a more attractive butt was impossible, hopeless and ridiculous until last year she met my trainer.

They discussed her constant lower back pain which she used to regularly suffer from. He advised her to exercise her glutes, which would help alleviate many pains that she is enduring.

In the beginning, she did not believe what he said but after a few months of inclusive buttocks training, she became aware that the pains in her lower back has worn off a lot.

The most surprising thing was that her butts are also becoming bigger and more attractive. Sheis so proud of this achievement that she would like to share the changes that she made to my lifestyle so as to triumphantly grow her ass.

Less squats

You might consider squats to be the primary method to train your butt but Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese maintains that this is an illusion that needs to be destroyed.

Autumn also said that people often experienced challenges when doing squats to grow their buttocks which are just the supporting muscles in this move. In fact, the primary targeted muscles in this exercise are quadriceps and hamstrings.

When Gina first started to train for ass growth, she used to do squats, but it turned out that her legs and lower body are the muscles that are strengthened. Then she did more glut centric exercise, mainly the hip thrust. To do this exercise, lean your upper back on a bench and place a barbell across your thighs.

While lifting the barbell, compress the top of your ass and slowly push your lower back down. These movements put the pressure on your butt and very little on your quadriceps or hamstrings.

She began to do hip thrusts twice a week; sometimes, she did single-leg hip thrusts without any extra weight. I haven’t ever done any squats for several recent months, but occasionally, to finish my workout I would do goblet squats with a kettlebell. Eventually, I believe that altering my workout routine had a profound effect on my ass.

These Three Alterations to My Lifestyle Helped Me Grow My Buttocks in Only Three Months2

Bigger volume of exercises

Lately, Gina bought a Sling Shot resistance band which she thought of as one of her best purchases. It is much thicker and sturdier than the small bands at the gym. She uses it for warm-up exercises and also puts below her knees or around her thighs while she is doing glute bridges, frog pumps and hip thrusts.

She said that when complimenting exercises with additional resistance, she is motivating herass to grow more. It is really worth the money spent.

Larger amount of food

According to Gina, if you want to build your muscle, you need a larger calories intake. You might think that a diet is a must if you are trying to get a more attractive body. But actually, if you do not get a sufficient amount of calories, your body, particularly your butt will not experience any growth.

When she was strength training, she consumed a few hundred extra calories, which supplied her body the fuel for the muscles to recover.

Now, Gina was deeply grateful to her trainer for his advice, thanks to which, she was encouraged to make some useful changes to her lifestyle, thereby improving her lower pain condition and helping her buttocks grow.

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