Tips for a Healthy Heart

Tips for a Healthy Heart

Your heart diligently works continuously to pump blood to all parts of your body and feed them until you die; therefore,it deserves some kind treatment.

However, in the hectic life nowadays, sometimes, we forget to take care of our heart and develop some bad habits which might have negative influences on it. This article is going to provide some useful tips on how to keep our heart healthy.

1. Give up smoking

Stop smoking if you want to live longer. Smokers run the risk of getting a heart attack two times more than nonsmokers. When you quit smoking, the danger of heart diseases will definitely decrease. Many countries have introduced the public smoking bans, so there has never been such an ideal time for smokers to break this bad and dangerous habit.

Give up smoking

Give up smoking

2. Loweryour blood pressure

Your blood pressure is in reverse ratio with your life expectancy because people with high blood pressure are more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke. Your blood pressure can be reduced by regular doing exercise and eating fibre-rich foods such as beans, vegetables and fruits.

3. Manage your weight

More than 50% of adults in Britain are overweight or obese; this number is also quickly increasing. Fat, in the form of extra weight, can have detrimental impacts on your health; you run the risk of being attacked by heart diseases and diabetes. So, if you are heavier than average, try to be more active and keep a balanced diet.

Tips for a Healthy Heart

4. Maintain a healthy diet.

You can lower the risk of a heart disease and at the same timeboostyoursurvival chances after a heart attack with balanced diet. To achieve this, your diet should contain sufficient nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, calcium and vitamins in terms of quantity, quality and diversity.

These nutrients can be obtained from such foods as black bread, fish, fruits and vegetables. You should also eat less biscuits, cakes and dairy products, which are rich in sugar and saturated fats.

5. Get active

Heart diseases can be effectively prevented if you keep active. Staying active and energetic is also a good way to lighten your mood and reduce your stress, which is also a cause of heart diseases.

You can achieve this by numerous ways, at anytime, anywhere, for example working out at a gym or cycling to work.

Tips for a Healthy Heart

6. Get an early diagnosis

If the following symptoms: uneasiness in some parts of the body such as the chest, neck, arm or stomach, are displayed when you make a physical or mental effort but disappear when resting, you should go to see the doctor for a diagnosis because you might be suffering from angina. Next, if angina is untreated, you are in danger of a heart attack.

In conclusion, a combination of all the aforementioned tips is the ideal for a healthy heart. But if it is too difficult for you to follow all of them, you can do one by one, no problem. The most important thing is that this article should raise your awareness about the importance of the heart and your responsibility for protecting it.

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