Tips for Women to Handle Hair Loss

Hair loss is such a problematic condition for females that it can cause anxiety and inferiority complex. It can also indicate a woman’s deteriorating health, so cannot be neglected. Genetics, protein insufficiency, high level of stress, and the way women style your hair are among the reasons for their hair loss. Luckily enough, various products and tips are available to help women tackle hair loss. If your hair is getting thinner recently, try the tips below to combat the problem.

1. Discard hair equipment with intense heat

Excessive heat can cause damage to your hair. It makes the connection between the hair strands break down, making the fragile hair crack and falling out. If you still want to design your hair with a hair straightener or a curling iron, ensure that you move it every ten seconds instead of maintaining its position on your hair for too long. You should also use a spraying tool which protect your hair from the heat to minimize the damage that the equipment is causing to your hair.

2. Watch out for chemical treatments

Like intense heat, many chemical treatments can also have detrimental effects on your hair. Chemically straightening, whitening, dying,... hair can make the hair weaker and cause hair loss. If you are inflicted with hair loss or thinning, make efforts to maintain your natural hair style and color. In the case of having no choice but to use chemical processing too often, ensure that you have your hair deeply conditioned once a week so as for the hair to recover.

3. Mind your diet

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 can help thin hair strands recover. Your diet should include high amount of nuts, beans, leafy greens, fish, and lean meats. If it is difficult for you to have a diet with sufficient nutrients, you can take good dietary supplements which can compensate for the lacking nutrients.

4. Massage your scalp

You can perform a scalp massage when showering, after shampooing your hair. Circulation to the scalp can be enhanced by scalp massage, which encourages the hair to grow. Massaging your scalp by slowly moving your fingertips around your head can also help alleviate your stress level, simultaneously stimulating hair growth.

5. Use essential oils

Thanks to their natural benefits, essential oils have long been well-known for their ability to do wonders for your hair. Oils, for instance,rosmarinusofficinalis, lavender, carrot seed, etc can help your hair regenerate, soften and maintain its balance, which motivate hair growth. Since essential oils are so famous for their benefits to human hair, you can catch sight of and buy them both online and at many stores. Applying just a few drops to your scalp when massaging it can boost the efficiency of the massage and help you derive all the benefits from the oils.

Try some of the tips above to help your hair recover. However, if they do not produce any desirable outcomes after a few months, you should go to see your doctor for a medical checkup to define the actual cause of your hair loss and look for the effective solutions.

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