Waist Cincher Results Before and After

Most women have a lifelong dream which is to enjoy a slimmer waistline. To achieve this, numerous conventional effective methods from aerobics to workout training have been adopted. Notably, 2014 witnessed a significant breakthrough in the beauty industry, waist cinchers (waist trainer), a gentle and pleasant way to achieve a smaller girth.

Waist training

The practice of narrowing your waist by wearing waist trainers around your waist for long periods is called waist training. These garments can be worn during your daily activities, but is more preferred to be used when you are doing exercise.

Waist cinchers' results

After weeks of continuous usage, the outcomes of waist trainers can be noticed.

Physical benefits

  • Waistline reduction: If used daily for long hours, a waist trainer will reduce your waistline measure. Logically, the abdomen is surrounded by the garment and restricted to the size you want until it gets accustomed to that shape.
  • Back support: waist cinchers can also benefit post-pregnant women as back support, especially the midsection. People who suffer from back injuries can also wear waist trainers to relieve the pain.
  • Weight reduction: Users claim that because the midriff is compacted by the cincher, they feel full without eating much. Before using this undergarment, they have to eat a lot to feel fool, but now the case is different. Thus, waist cinchers also motivate people's weight reduction.
  • Posture improvement: Your postures can also be improved by wearing waist trainers. Your movements are constrained to some extent so you must bend in a way adjusting to the garment. Bad postures are not allowed when wearing waist cincher.

Mental benefits

  • Confidence enhancement: People who use waist trainers for long periods and see the reduction in their waistline often feel more confident with their attractive body.
  • Mental comfort: A waist trainer hugs the body and creates a warm and pleasant feeling. It helps reduce stress level and alleviate anxiety..

Is Waist Training Risky?

Waist trainers are only dangerous when improperly put on or people doing the wrong things. Numerous complaints about the risks involved in using a waist cincher have been made; however, there is still no persuasive evidence.

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3 Waist Cincher Results Before and After-Fitnesseq.com


7 Waist Cincher Results Before and After-Fitnesseq.com

In short, using a waist cincher correctly produces several desirable physical and psychological outcomes. To achieve this, besides carefully reading the instructions before using, you need to define your using purpose because different types of cincher serve different purpose. What's more, it is also advisable that you should wear this underwear garment at the right time and in the right place. Only when properly used and fitted can waist trainers be totally health-friendly.

Waist Trainer Results Before And After

One of the best things of waist trainers is that it makes you feel beautiful and desired. Another great thing is that when you compare your earlier self (pre waist trainer) to your later self (post waist trainer), you actually see the effects of your journey.

It is motivating and inspiring to see the journey of people who have worked on reducing the inches of their waist.

If you plan to use a waist trainer to improve the size of your waist and reduce it, you too should document the journey. Not only will you have the satisfaction of seeing the difference, but you will also inspire others.

Once you have decided on the waist trainer that is the most appropriate for you, you can then make a plan on how to implement it. You should always document your own experience.

Even if in the future you feel that you do not want to make the results of you’re before and after waist trainer public, you can still use the photographs to ensure that you stay motivated.

We have mentioned below some tips that you should keep in mind when you record your progress while you use your waist trainer to go from before to after:

Get Started

You can take the measurements of your waist by using a fabric measuring tape or vinyl. You need to take proper measurements and not only photographs. This will ensure that when you order your waist trainer, you will get the most appropriate size.

This will also help you to accurately record your progress. After that, you should take measurements of your waist at a minimum of once a month. When you are taking your measurements, make sure that the tape is flat on the part of your waist which is the narrowest. There will always be a natural curve on your waist which is the slimmest. You need to measure that part. Also, you need to check that the tape is level with the ground. This ensures that you are not pulling the tape too hard. You can also try to insert one finger under the tape if you suck in a bit of air, that's when you know that you have taken an accurate measurement of your waist.

Don’t focus on weight

Once you have taken your measurement, don’t obsess about it and keep checking your measurements every few days. You will not see a change. It is best to check your measurements only once a month as I mentioned above. You should stop thinking about your weight on a day to day basis. Once you have got an accurate measurement that is more than enough than the weight you will see on the scale. Ultimately, it does not matter what your weight is as long as you look great. A waist trainer will help you look amazing in the short run and in the long term. Once people see that you are slimmer, it doesn’t matter if your weight is the same.

Take good photographs

You need to make sure that you take high-quality photos when you are in the same position. You also have to make sure that the time in the day is the same and so is the place. You can take photos once a week so that you can check your progress. If you have a room which has a full-length mirror and which has lots of light which streams in naturally, it is perfect. The light in the morning is great for taking a photo and in the morning you won’t have your tummy full with water or food. That is why the best time to take a photo is in the morning. You can also try to take photos wearing the waist trainer and when you have not worn the waist trainer. This way you can compare the difference.

Points for getting the best results

You need to make sure that your waist training is a part of your overall lifestyle which should be healthy. When you use a waist slimmer, it will immediately reduce the size of your waist from 2 inches to as much as 6 inches. It will also stimulate the area which it covers with heat which will make you sweat more and help you to burn the fat at your belly. That is why it is best if you use the waist trainer when you are exercising.

Waist training will help you to improve in many other ways too. You will improve your posture with it. Since you will look slimmer, your confidence will be boosted. It will also help you to stay motivated and stick to your diet plans. You will be able to control the amount of food that you eat. To ensure that you get the most benefit from your waist trainer, we advise that you use it for a minimum of 8 hours per day. And use it when you are moving so that it will burn fat faster.

How safe is waist training?

One of the most common questions that we see online is about how safe is waist training. You need to listen to your body and use common sense when you do waist training. If you use a waist trainer which fits you perfectly, you won’t feel any discomfort. It will feel tight at the start but with time you will get used to it. In case you feel pain or if you feel breathless, you need to remove it immediately and exchange it for a more comfortable one or a waist trainer which is of a slightly larger size.


I hope you have enjoyed our article on the best practices when it comes to checking the before and after results of using a waist trainer. You can also check our article on the best waist trainers in which we provide an in-depth review of all the trainers in the market and inform you of the most appropriate one for you.

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