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You are not a fan of the Kardashians if you have not come across the benefits of a waist trainer.

And they are not the only ones promoting waist trainers through all their posts and pictures on social media handles. There are many ways of losing weight in a healthy manner. But there are few who wear the double corset 24 * 7. They found it brutal but they also said that it helped them get to their normal body shape post the childbirth.

Waist training benefit:

Waist trainer is a wide belt with elastic. When used religiously this belt trains or helps the tummy to be tucked in and remain smaller and firm. Science has not proven its benefits but it is the wearers who swear that it helped them. And especially if celebrities swear by them then everyone will want to wear them and give it a try.

The ones who made this suggest that one must wear a waist trainer for four hours every day. To those who find this difficult and uncomfortable, they could consume some flat tummy foods which will not suck in fat but will show the desirable change on wearing a silhouette without causing any discomfort.

After almost of looking around we found these five top contenders based on the reviews left by their consumers.

HrGlass Training Best Waist Trainer Latex Corset Steel Bone Waist Cincher


This is advertised as reducing three inches of the waist and thereby giving the hourglass figure. 95 % of the customers praised it.

It is important to get the best results you order the correct size using the sizing chart and not the clothing size. It is supposed to fit tight enough.

It comprises latex and hence smells of it. People allergic to latex can avoid it though the smell vanishes over time.

The cincher is larger while going down to the pelvic area and tighter under the breast area. While ordering understand where and how your body fat is distributed.

It is not easy to wear in the first go but regular use of it makes it comfortable.

The hooks, however, gave way within seven days.

The waist training belt is on top of the list has got the best reviews on Amazon.

It is of good quality and stretches like a rubber making it comfortable to wear.

The lining inside is very comfortable and well designed.

It is strong and thick and fits comfortably.

Anyone craving to have the perfect hourglass figure should try it.

The outside of it is so smooth that you cannot know you have it beneath your clothes.

It is best for people with short torsos.

The back does get hurt if worn for a long period of time.

However, it is the best in terms of comfort in comparison to any other corset.

Women with C-section deliveries should give it a try.

Check the price on Amazon

Squeeze Me Baby Waist Trainer

Squeeze Me Baby Waist Trainer

The mesh-designed lace corset is a beauty. Hence many women are tempted and buy them. The reviews speak a lot in favor of this garment.

You can use the hooks placed in three rows to get the desired fit.

The corset doesn’t roll down or up as it has the support of 9 bones.

The feel of it on the body is beautiful.

Wearing pre-C-section shirts is possible because of it.

One can easily move in it. It is designed very well.

It provides good support to the back and helps get a good posture.

It is a must buy!

These can be worn even below figure-hugging dresses and one will not know you are wearing them. It helps hide the tummy bulge.

The underwear has a waistband which is thick and helps slim the waistline and covers the bumps. It is very sexy and loved.

You can get the desired figure by wearing a waist trainer that is comfortable and breathable.

The beautiful mesh material stays tight like how it should. Working out wearing these is easy and regular use of these help in waist size reduction.

Check the price on Amazon

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