Waist Trainer: a Miracle for Weight Loss?

As revealed by the National Institute of Health, more than 30% of American adults are diagnosed with obesity which is the primary cause of many negative health effects such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even heart attack and stroke.

As a result, overweight people try many ways to lose weight. They can go to gym, go on diet and so on. One of the most popular tools which help lose weight nowadays is a waist trainer.

What is a waist trainer and does it really help people lose weight? If the answer is yes, how does it work to fulfill its function? This article is going to help you answer all the above questions.

What is a waist cincher?

A waist trainer (waist cincher) is a short belt-like sub-type of corset designed with flexiblematerials to reduce the waist size. Previously, it was used to help hide torso fat and create an hourglass body for people, especially women.

Recently, people use waist cinchers to cure back pain, adopt a good posture, etc. and most recently, lose weight. A waist trainer can help you in two ways, both directly and indirectly. While in the first way, it only provides you with an attractive look, in the latter way, it helps you lose weight.

How can waist cincher help you lose weight?

1. Reduce feelings of hunger

When you feel hungry and find it hard to resist the temptation to eat, put on a waist trainer and wrap it around your waist. It is highly likely that you will feel less hungry or not hungry any more.

A waist trainer compresses the abdomen and decreases the the feeling of hunger. Torso compression also helps you stop eating sooner. However, this can cause the sickness in the stomach.

2. Control your diet

Your waist being squeezed has a profound effect on what you eat and how much you decide to eat, which can directly influence your weight. As mentioned above, a waist cincher will tighten your insides and diminish the feeling of hunger. You will also feel full faster as well. In this way, a waist cincher can regulate the amount of food you eat.

Some foods are useful when a waist trainer is on while others are not. For instance, a heavy meal with a high portion of protein makes you feel full faster and uncomfortablewhile wearing a waist cincher. On the other hand, a light meal with foods rich in water such as vegetables and fruits can be more comfortable to eat. In this way, a waist trainer can manage the types of foodsyou eat.

3. Have more motivation

In the process of losing weight, you can be easily tempted to do things which can destroy all your efforts. You can eat tasty but unhealthy foods, you can watch TV instead of doing exercises.

A waist trainer can provide you with an image of an hourglass body, thus help you be more motivated when you look at yourself in the mirror. Finally, in the long run, you can still look good without a waist cincher.

In conclusion, when it comes to weight loss, a waist trainer cannot help you in the short run, but it is very helpful in the long run. However, wearing a waist cincher alone is not enough; you need to do exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet so as to make full use of it. There is also one thing to beware of. Quite a few side effects are associated with wearing a waist trainer. It can cause difficulty in breathing or make your organs be misplaced. So read the instructions carefully before using and try not to abuse it to avoid the negative influences on your body and your health.

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