Waist Training for New Mothers

Fitnesseq.com - Things for new mothers to remember when wearing a waist trainer

Female self-confidence issues became more serious when motherhood comes. During this period, new mothers have to overcome weight gaining and self-satisfaction crisis.

When you’re pregnant, having a bigger torso is natural, but in their post-pregnancy, they can go to any lengths to regain the previous body figure. The benefits of waist training have been exposed a long time ago; however, for young mothers, it is a quite new topic.

They want a method which helps them achieve a desirable body figure without spending too much time on strenuous exercise. Waist training might be the answer. However, some post-pregnant women are still hesitant as they fear that the restriction from the waist trainer would cause pain to their midsection.

Things for new mothers to remember when wearing a waist trainer

A three-month break

Fitnesseq.com - Things for new mothers to remember when wearing a waist trainer

You should give your body a three-month break after giving birth. In this period, just maintain a healthy diet, particularly if you are breastfeeding.

You are highly recommended to consult your doctor before making the final decision on whether to wear a waist trainer or not. Do not rush.

You do not have to wear the corset immediately. Be open-minded; do not reject waist training right away.

How to start waist training?

After a few-month break, it’s time to try waist training. If you recognize the loose skin in your abdomen, this is normal for new moms. There is no need to panic or feel anxious. As long as you follow a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can regain your previous body figure. Once you have started wearing the corset, listen to your body. If it hurts or irritates, stop using. If it is ok, continue to regularly use it.

Effective waist training requires wearing the corset regularly. A new person can do it three times a week or if possible, every other day. You can start in only 30 minutes. When you have got familiar with it, you can increase to 1 or 2 hour per week and gradually increase as time passes by.

Fitnesseq.com - Things for new mothers to remember when wearing a waist trainer

What to do to ensure the efficiency of waist training?

You can read online blogs and articles in which 95% of new mothers shared their experience with waist training. Most of them reported that it was efficient. You should consult your doctor before doing waist training, which is completely safe if done moderately. It is also recommended to have a corset particularly made for yourself to make sure that it is the most suitable for your body.

A large number of women are worried that their responsibility as a new mom will be affected if they start waist training. One of the clearest benefits of waist training is that it does not interfere with the time you do housework or play with your baby. The only thing you have to do is to put on the trainer under your daily clothes and spend the day as usual.

Final words

Certainly, you have to consider the adverse effects of waist training, especially in this very fragile period of time in life. But do not worry too much since waist trainers can be harmful only when laced too tightly, leading to such a heavy pressure on your stomach that you have difficulty in moving and breathing. Hope that with waist training, a balanced diet and regular exercising, you can retain your previous desirable body shape.

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