Why is it hard to be rid of belly fat?

Most attempts to ►lose weight often start with the midsections ►the belly.

In fact, there are two types of fat that make up the belly bulge, that is, subcutaneous fat which lies underneath the skinand visceral fat which lies further inside and builds up around internal organs. Both are accumulated via over-consumption of calorie-rich products, and the latter could give rise to many serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even colorectal cancer. Therefore, shedding belly fat is not only for the sake of a slim figure but also for the sake of a good heath.

However, people often lament about how easy it is to put on belly fat and how hard it is to do away with it. Then, why is it so?

Age is a matter. When you are older, you are likely to experience a drop in your metabolic rate,which leads to a decrease in the number of calories burned. What’s more, a wealth of evidence shows that bodies of women who are going through menopause have the tendency to store fat in their belly. However, these issues could be overcome by sensible diet plans and regular exercises.

The workout you’re doing is not the right one. To slim down the abdominal fat, running, jogging or spinning are a few exercises coming to mind. Nevertheless, such cardio workouts, though good for your heart, don’t exert much changes to your waist measurement. Instead, you should work out to increase your muscle mass since muscle burns more calorie than fat, and 250 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise is just what the doctor orders.

Consuming too much processed food is another reason. There no is denying that in today’s fast-paced world, you are surrounded by so much packagedsustenance that it is no wonder you could easily give into its temptation from time to time. Processed foods like refined sugar in soft drinks and chips and crackers could trigger inflammation, a predominant cause of metabolic slow-down which makes it harder to lose belly fat. Therefore, dieticians suggest consumption of ►natural food such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain for their anti -inflammatory attributes.

Also, watch out for the fat you take in since consuming wrong fats could militate against belly fat loss. Researches show a link between the consumption of saturated fat which could be found in meat and dairy product and the build-up of viscera fat. However, monosaturated fat ( ►olive oil and ►avocados) and certain polyunsaturated fat (►walnuts, ►omega-3)are highly recommended because of they could prevent inflammation, and with reasonable intakes, they could improve our health. Thus, inability to distinguish good fat from bad fat could lead to a continuous increase in your waist size.

Belly budge could be the result of preference for low-intensity over high-intensity exercise.More often than not, at the beginning of working out, people are lazy and hence go for less strenuous regimen. However, such exercises are not enough to bring drastic changes because too little calorie is burned.

Your chance of accumulating belly fat is higher when you’re stressed or sleep deprived, which is prevalent nowadays. In times of stress, your body produces more hormone cortisol which, in turn, increases the level of visceral fat and enlarge fat cells.Moreover, when you have too much on your plate and sleep a few hours less a day, your weight gain is likely to increase because as confirmed by various studied, shorter sleep duration could stimulate your appetite, and induce hunger.

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